Friday, February 5, 2010

Free Puppies! We've Been Punk'd!

I wanted to follow up my free puppies blog from Wednesday with some new information I was given yesterday.

Before I tell you that, let me say: This started when I received an e-mail at work from a fellow employee saying that these beautiful pups would be put down if they were not adopted asap. So of course, I snapped into action right away, and got the word right out through this forum. Within a few hours Troy Record readers responded and I was sent over 70 emails from people who were interested in giving these great dogs a home. Each of your e-mails were full of love and willingness to do whatever needed to be done to save these dogs. I made sure to personally answer each of you. Yesterday morning I got word that the dogs had all been placed and the problem was solved.

This was the e-mail I received:
Thank you for putting forth so much effort! I am happy to report that all
the puppies have found homes. Thank you though for everything you have

So I tried to let everyone know that the dogs had all found homes! It looked like a happy ending. And I was super-pleased to see how all you beautiful people so selflessly stepped to the plate. This was shaping up to be the kind of story that makes a person feel great on virtually every level.

Then I was sent another e-mail: If you check the Snopes link I got that exact same email last year, same photos and everything. So when I got it again last week, I knew something was up. The year before I got another email for “free puppies who were supposed to be put down.” I don’t know how these things get started, but they do.I was very wary of the Golden Retriever one especially since the photo is obviously a nice home, the puppies are fat and healthy, and no reputable breeder would put down any healthy puppy. In fact, today, most people know to bring them to a shelter or rescue group. However, I am a volunteer foster mom at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society and I know they are always looking for folks to foster and adopt, so, any of your readers who are animal lovers are more than welcome there. :)

In short: This woman was saying the e-mail I receieved was fake, a chain e-mail run-a-muck. I will admit I was skeptical of this whole thing, but never thought someone would e-mail such a scary message to people as a joke or to get a rise from something that wasn't real. The only word I can use to describe that kind of thing is disgusting. In the last 24 hours, I have done some sniffing around, and sadly, I must admit, the lion's-share of evidence suggest that this is not a real story, that this puppies-being-put-down line is nonsense. Here is the link. See for yourself:

Readers what can I say? I'm still trying to find the real truth. And right now I'm sick to my stomach about this. I thought we were doing something really great, but at the end of the day, it looks like it was another Internet nutjob having fun. Regardless of this though, I want to express my thanks to each of you who e-mailed me, interested in adopting on the spot. You guys are what it's all about, and you are the silver lining in this unthinkable mess. So again, Thank you so much guys! You're the best!

The truth is there are still hundreds of beautiful dogs put down everyday in this country. If you are someone who wants to adopt and give one of these great animals a shot at life, there are countless REAL dogs out there who need your help. It's easy, and if you're willing, there are shelters and websites you can check out. I urge anyone who has the resources to please consider this option. Although the particular dogs I wrote about on Wednesday are "apparently not real," that doesn't mean their story isn't happening someplace, somewhere, right now. But I know you guys already know that. Again, I am sorry for this confusion.

If I hear anything new, I'll post it asap.

Brian Huba


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  1. You know, I have to wonder why should we be listening to the political ravings of someone who gets taken in so easily by a forwarded e-mail?

    The only one to blame for this nonsense is the person who reported these "facts" without bothering to look into whether or not they were true.

    You claim to have received a "thank you" e-mail, which you also reported without bothering to fact-check.

    You have a responsibility to readers - it would be nice if you took it seriously.