Monday, November 29, 2010

10 Great Concerts I Never Saw

The following is a list of ten concerts/performers I would’ve made sure to get tickets for if I could turn back time. I won’t talk about the Stones, Jovi, the Boss, or Aerosmith, because I still think there’s time to see them. I won’t mention DMB, because I see them 3 times a year, every year. Forget Tom Petty. He sucks live. And forget Frank Sinatra, total bore, I don’t/didn’t get it. All rap and R&B is horrible live, so I’m not going there either. Some artists on this list are still rolling along, but the heyday might be gone. There's a few I'll forget, I'm sure. But after all that, here’s what I have left.

10. Eric Clapton: One of the all-time greats. I put this concert so low on my list because I feel like I will (maybe) have the chance to see Clapton again in the future, so I won’t sweat it too much. Next time I get the chance, I’m there. Plus, I read the Patty Boyd book about Boyd's love triangle with Clapton and Harrison. In one scene, Boyd writes that Clapton carved Harrison up on the guitar when they competed. Boyd called “Layla” the most beautiful thing she’d ever heard. I agree.

9. Billy Joel/Elton John: Spring, 1999, I had a free ticket to this show, but I passed it by because I was packing to go to Myrtle Beach. Well, Myrtle Beach sucked and from all accounts I missed an awesome show. Too bad. They came recently too and I messed up again. I hope they come back soon. I’ll be there, no doubt.

8. Pink Floyd: The music, the lights, the epic guitar solos, the mystique, the everything. A Pink Floyd concert would have been incredible. Dark Side and the Wall are both brilliant albums. Wow, that would’ve rocked. Too bad I wasn’t alive when they were really touring.

7. The Grateful Dead: How can you leave the Dead out of this? I don’t like any of their music but to see a Dead show in the 70’s would’ve been great, I must admit. The whole scene was a slice of hippie history. Of course Canadian Lou likes the Dead and always sings along to that dumb song about Uncle John’s Band. But, the same way it is with Phish, the music is really secondary, you show up for everything else.

6. Queen: I think Freddie Mercury is the greatest singer of all time. It would’ve been so great to see this band play live. I love all their songs and have seen them do venue events on TV and such. Awesome every time!

5. Heart: The most rocking female singer ever is Anne Wilson. Period. Heart rocks. And, from what I’ve seen, they can perform live (awards shows, etc) which is something very few female performers can do.

4. Elvis Presley: A few months back Canadian Lou and I watched on TV an old, grainy Elvis concert from some ballroom in Vegas, dated about a year before he died. You know: fat, sweaty, white jumpsuit Elvis. The first few minutes, I was saying, “This is so boring. Who cares about this fat guy walking back and forth on some small stage?” Fifteen minutes later, the coffee table was moved out of the living room and we were up and dancing as the King went from “Hound Dog” to “Suspicious Minds.” It was awesome. Seeing that live would’ve been something pretty great.

3. Michael Jackson: I would’ve loved to see the King of Pop do his thing on the main stage. Why not, right? He’s the greatest entertainer ever. I’m sure his show was something to see in the 80’s. Perhaps a Prince and/or Madonna concert would've been a fitting substitute.

2. Bob Seger: I would give anything to see Bob Seger live. All those great songs. More than anybody can really remember at once. And all the stories about his epic sets. 9 encores in Carolina in ‘72. That is one show I’d go crazy at, singing along with every song. Come on, Bob, tour one more time.

1. Guns N’ Roses: Man oh man why couldn’t I have been ten years older and of the age to actually see G N’ R rock it live? G N’ R is the greatest hard rock band ever, Appetite is the greatest rock album ever, and Axl Rose is the greatest front man ever. I’d love to see one of their vintage, ear-piercing, butt-kicking shows at the Ritz or the Rainbow in LA. “Here I am and you're a Rocket Queen/I might be a little young but honey I ain't naive.” Even if they get back together as the original 5, and do away with this band of misfit scabs, it won’t matter. They’re all in their mid-40’s now. The moment is gone . . . forever.

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  1. Ohh man, to be 10 years shy of having an opportunity to see Guns and Roses.
    To the others, Elvis, of course, I would have loved to have seen.
    Saw the dead a bunch of times. One of the best concerts I ever saw was the Dead, Bob Dylan and Tom Petty at Rich Stadium on July 4 in 1984 or thereabouts. Awsome. I think Tom Petty rocks in concert.
    Bob Seiger, sure why not. michael Jackson, no thanks. Heart, maybe if my finace wanted to go. Queen, without a doubt.
    Would love to see pink floyd but since Dark Side of the Moon is my favorite album of all time I'd be disappointed. You know that's where newspaper people and bloggers come from.
    Billy Joel and Elton John,,,sure why not.
    Clapton just jams. Catch him if you can.

    Jim Franco

    Jim Franco