Sunday, June 10, 2012

Friday Puppy By Far

Earlier this week, the TIMES UNION published their BEST OF list for the year. Many Capital Region categories were tallied, everything from best local college (U Albany) to best Italian restaurant (D’Raymond’s). But the category that caught my eye was the Best Blogger, which the TU awarded to its own ON THE EDGE blog, authored by style, fashion, and dating professional Kristi Gustafson. In second place was the FRIDAY PUPPY blog, authored by local business owner Matt Baumgartner.


I’m sure ON THE EDGE is a nice blog, I’ve checked it out a few times, and I know it has a great following. In my opinion: FRIDAY PUPPY is everything a modern blog should be. If you’ve never visited the blog, click the link below, although I’d be shocked if you live in the Albany area and have never checked it out. FRIDAY PUPPY is our uncensored glimpse into the life of a rising local celebrity and bar/business owner. Matt B’s most famous holding is the Bomber’s franchise, of course, but there are others, including Wolf’s 111 and the Biergarten.(Correct me if I’m wrong on any of this.) Additionally, Matt B. was recognized in ADVOCATE magazine’s Forty Under 40 list for his huge business success and great on-line work with PUPPY. But he only nabbed #2 on the TU's BEST OF. I demand a recount!

As for the FRIDAY PUPPY blog itself, it has a super concept and massive following. It is by far the best local blog. It might be the best blog I have ever read. In many ways, it gives followers the ability to follow the life of an up-and-coming celebrity with serious Albany roots. Even better than that, Matt is honest, open, and funny. The only issue I have with Matt is that my dogs haven’t made it to the weekly voting for Cutest Dog, despite multiple submissions. Come on, Matt, take us off the cutting-room floor.

I think Matt B is going to be one of the most powerful people in the Region in ten years, if he isn’t already.

I’ll admit it: I do not go to Bomber’s very often, but I know it’s very popular. We DO love the takeout though. Whenever we get it, it's great!

Speaking of Bomber's, I have a Bomber's story.

A few years ago, I was driving through downtown Albany, and I tried to sneak across Madison Avenue and head into the Park where N. Scotland intersects before my yellow light went red. No dice. I got hit hard in the front by a car coming north on Madison. The impact spun my silver Ford Focus around in traffic. Fortunately everyone was all right. For some reason, after parking the car on the curb (the front end a wreck), we walked over to Lark Street, and I sat down on the stoop in front of Bomber’s, head in my hands, covered in sweat, convinced my life was over. I don’t know why we went there, but a very nice man came out of Bomber’s and gave me a glass of water.

Later on, somebody told me it was Matt Baumgartner himself. I never said thank you that day, never even looked up from my hands. So, all these years later: Thank you, Matt. And PS, on my BEST OF list, FRIDAY PUPPY is #1 by far, no vote required.


Brian Huba

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