Monday, July 25, 2011

Steam Roll or get Steam Rolled

I watched the President address the country about why his vision is the right one for avoiding an embarrassing default on 8.2.11. After Obama spoke, for about 15 mins, the Republican Speaker, John Boehner, rebutted. As is always the case, Obama’s speech was stratospheres better than the Republicans. He explained the issues in an easily-understood way, he was positive, compromising, and had a concise approach, whether you agree or disagree, that part is true. At one point he credited Boehner for being a partner in the compromise. After Obama, Boehner gave the same “Scare Tactic” speech every Republican has given forever. He was not clever with the same old stories from “Real America." When it came to Obama, Boehner was quick to say he wasn’t on board with the Prez. Of the two, Obama was far smarter, willing to reach across, but guess what? The Republicans were just the opposite, and because of that they won Monday night.

The Republicans have one mission, and they don't care what they have to do to accomplish it: GET OBAMA OUT. No matter what Obama says, or how smart he says it, the Republicans are not going to budge an inch on anything he wants to get done. They want this country to default, so that they can use that line at election time. Obama: the only American President to preside over Default. I can see the rally signs and hear it in speeches already. And the truth is Obama’s too weak to stop it. He’s just not strong enough to make both sides understand his way is best. He just can’t sell it.

Why you ask? Here’s what I think. When you’re in a fight for your life, against people who are willing to kick and scratch, YOU have to kick and scratch. Obama’s just getting bullied by bullies that are dumber than he is, which is sad, but they’re willing to get dirty to win, because they can’t win on any other level. So, in a weird way, you have to take your hat off to the GOP. For Obama, he has two choices: Steam roll or get steam rolled. So far it’s NOT the former.

William Jefferson Clinton would’ve made John Boehner, and this whole defiant GOP, dance to his drum. This default thing would’ve been solved by July 4th. And it would’ve been done BC’s way, because that’s what happens when you’re the smartest, toughest gun in the room. You steam roll. People follow you. The Republicans rightfully smell weakness on this president, and they are going to pounce. First rule in the predatory hand book. They are going to let this country default for a few days, scare some people, then make a deal, three days later. And if that happens, the people will blame Obama because he’s the President. And if they do, the GOP wins, and you have to blame Obama for letting them win like that, even if you think his hands are tied.

Clinton didn’t care about hands tied. He did what he wanted. He steam rolled. Think about it like this: If I’m with four guys in an alley, and you decide to attack me and not them, because I look like the easiest target, is that, in some way, my fault? Was there something I was doing that made you think I’m a less-troublesome adversary? How you answer that question should decide who/what you blame for this Washington stalemate, and talk of default. Obama supporters, don’t tell me about "leverage" or “getting the votes.” Steam roll or get steam rolled.

The Republicans want the Oval Office back, and they are willing to do ANYTHING to get it, because Obama has a red X on his forehead. This is a crass move for one reason: The Republicans don’t have anybody. For all this smearing, you’d think the party would be setting themselves up to take the White House for 16 years. That would be smart, long sighted. But they are short sighted. Who are they going to replace Obama with? That lightweight from Wisconsin or that even bigger lightweight from Alaska? If you, as a political party, are willing to sell your soul to get your guy in, can you at least have a legitimate candidate in mind?

This isn’t even politics anymore, and it has nothing to do with the “American people.” This is LORD OF THE FLIES, Piggy and the glasses. At the end of the day, it’s the Middle Class that is going to suffer from this, because the GOP IS NOT GOING TO BUDGE. If that means default, so be it. If that means you lose your job, so be it. Obama out. That is A-1 mission at Republican Headquarters. And right now it looks like they might be able to kick and scratch their way to dethroning this gentleman president. My baseball coach can be a gentleman, not my President, and not in this climate.

Maybe this is what happens when we elect a man who only served one term in Senate before running. He's clearly lacking the chops to get nasty. You don’t give a kid who’s fought a few rounds at the YMCA a shot at Tyson, do you? Look what the GOP did to him about his birth certificate. Anybody knows that's nonsense. But the Republicans somehow made that a legit story for a month, until Obama got shook, delivered proof. The GOP sarcastically said "Good for you." But they made their point. Today 40% of US Citizens believe Obama was NOT born in America. Case closed. Kicking and scratching is the name of the game when you have NOTHING else. "But, Brian, that wasn't the GOP that was Trump." Yeah, OK. Right now we have a potential JFK type in the White House, brilliant, progressive, but too green and too soft. It's sad if you think about it.

But what choice did we have? The GOP ran a respectable John McCain with the biggest lightweight in political history. Maybe the Dems should’ve elected Hillary with Obama as VP. America would’ve basically gotten Bubba back for nothing, and 8 years later it would’ve been Obama’s time, and he would’ve been ready. Right now he’s not. Why? Because Washington isn’t about compromise and smart politics, it’s about sound bites, and smear stories, and averting the actual issue. Obama just isn’t tough enough.

The Republicans are going to succeed in painting him as incompetent, weak, but the only problem is they want to plug the Oval Office hole with a Swiss-cheese candidate. These are scary times indeed. I think of that line in AMERICAN GANGSTER, when Denzel’s mentor is having a heart attack in the dept. store. He looks up at Denzel, who’s trying to get help, and says, “Don’t bother. Nobody’s in charge.” Steam roll or get steam rolled.

Brian Huba

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  1. Obama needs a Roscoe in his corner