Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Irene and the MTV VMA's

I'm beginning to get the impression that Hurricane Irene is not getting the respect as a total destroyer that she justly deserves. Monday night CNN was debating whether this was hurricane or hype, and one media member was upset because the news networks were making way too big of a deal about this total dud of a storm. I feel the governor of Vermont summed up the storm with a perfectly-worded quote. He said everything there was to say: Devastating.

I know NYC, North Carolina, Virginia, and many areas in our region didn’t get rocked to the level expected, but there were areas of Vermont and Schoharie County that were decimated by this disaster. I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures. Mud, water, flooding, death. I actually think Irene is one of the greatest natural disasters (in this region of the country) ever! 27 deaths have already been credited to Irene. That is a huge number if you ask me.

As I sat in my dry house, on my dry couch, and watched the news footage of the overrunning rivers, flood-covered streets, mud-thick houses, lives ruined, etc, I fell down on my knees, and thanked God (whatever or whomever that may be) for not dropping the brunt of this mighty storm on the front stoop of my life, or my family’s life. Wow, thank you. But still it makes me think: My day is coming, and water is the one earthly force you can't stop. Some areas in Greene and Schoharie Counties will take weeks, months to clean up, if ever. Imagine your whole life washed away in mere hours, watching your house become buried in a tomb of mud, while some talking head on CNN calls Irene a media-created dud. Wow.

We lost power for a few hours on Sunday, and I missed the fight between the Situation and Ronnie on JERSEY SHORE. Hey, hey what can I say? JS has been good this season. I have watched every episode. Guilty as charged. But the power was resumed in time for the 2011 VMA’s, and after bashing MTV and its programming earlier this month, I have to say: It was the 2nd best VMA’s I have ever seen (2000). To me, it was Lady Gaga’s crowning as the biggest star in today's music world. Her opening performance was the 2nd best VMA performance I have ever seen (Eminem 2000). I get it now. When I first heard Gaga was playing her male alter ego, Jo Calderone, I thought she was referring to the YNN Channel 9 Sports Reporter. I was wrong. Another Jo(e) Calderone. Beyonce gave the performance of her career. Bruno Mars was amazing. Pitbull and Adele, forget about it. Great, great, great. I was excited about Lil Wayne, but disappointed in his actual show-closing performance. Too much swearing and craziness. And, maybe, it's time for Jay-Z to stop performing on stage, fade to the background with his NY Yankees hats and millions. I'm kind of done with HOOVA.

My favorite moment was when Gaga as Jo Calderone won Best Female Video. After she hugged Jay-Z and Kayne West, she stepped back as everyone was standing and clapping for her, and, in a very cool way, fixed the collar of her suit coat, and took the stage. It was her moment. She knew it, and everyone in the room knew it. The only part I disliked was the show's inclusion of some rapper named Tyler the Creator. He was a jerk on the Black Carpet, a jerk when he won Best New Artist Video, and a jerk every moment in between. I don’t know if he was trying to be outrageous like Eminem used to be, by insulting Bruno Mars and sending “the kids” a profane-filled message when he was on stage. But it was disgusting, and nothing like the great Mr. Mathers, who balled fists at the pop world with humor and cleverness. On yeah: Eminem also sold 100 million albums. "I'll commit suicide if Bruno Mars wins a VMA because I hate his music," Tyler told an MTV reporter during the pre show. Then used the MTV mic to make a blatant sexual reference at the reporter. See? Not funny. Not clever. Tyler the Creator: I’m done with him after one night. Too bad. I was in a ready-to-be-won over mood on Sunday.

In the end I was happy to be with my family, in a dry home with power, watching a night of TV that I used to really look forward to, but has lately been a grand disappointment. I was happy it was well done on Sunday, and happy to have been spared from Hurricane Irene’s main wrath. And anybody who thinks this storm was hyped too much has probably been taking PR advice from Tyler the Creator. Stay dry.

Irene Photos: http://www.timesunion.com/news/slideshow/Most-dramatic-photos-from-Hurricane-Irene-30584.php

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GLADD speaks out against Tyler the Creator: http://www.complex.com/music/2011/08/glaad-speaks-out-against-tyler-the-creators-appearance-on-the-mtv-vmas

Brian Huba

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