Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top NY Giants' Playoff Moments

Right now New York Giants’ fans are actually experiencing a Golden Age in the franchise’s history. And the thing is most don’t even know it. Why do people say/think Tom Coughlin is ALWAYS coaching for his job? If you’re one of these knuckleheads that have been hoping for Coughlin’s dismissal to get Cowher, let me give you a dose of reality: John Mara is NEVER going to fire Tom Coughlin. If given the choice I would take Tom over the chin eight days a week. I would take TC over anybody. He's great. Hear me? Great!

In my opinion, Coughlin is the greatest Giants coach ever. I know, I know, Parcells, who was great of course. But consider: His greatest moment in NY was beating the 49ers in the ’90 NFC Championship Game. What about SB25? That was more of a Buffalo loss than a NYG win, right? Coughlin’s greatest moment is also the franchise’s greatest moment, and maybe the greatest moment in NFL history: Beating the 18-0 N.E. Patriots. Parcells had the greatest NFL Player EVER: LT. On his staff, Belichick and Coughlin.

Coughlin has made Eli the greatest Giant QB ever. Don’t even try arguing Phil Simms, who was a Giant Icon, a God, but Eli Manning, he was not. You may say Spags and his D won that Super Bowl against N.E. Spags was brilliant that night, but he was an average Def. Cord. at best, and one of the worst Head Coaches in NFL history. He was great in a big spot, on a big stage, and thank God he was. If you don’t believe he was average, ask Andy Reid who passed Spags over twice for the Def. Cord. job in Philly, still hasn't hired him this time either.

Since 2005 the Giants lead the NFC in total wins, lead the NFL in total road wins, and have the most winning seasons in a row in team history, and Coughlin has us playing meaningful ball every December, the most you can hope for as a reasonable NFL fan. And this year? We won the NFC East, eliminated Dallas, the Jets, and the Eagles, with Eli and a scout team on offense. In a year that was supposed to belong to Rex Ryan and Vick's "Dream Team," Tom got us there again. "Talk is cheap, play the game."

Yes, this is a Golden Age to be a NYG backer, and Sunday this team is hopefully going to beat Green Bay. Either way though, we're on borrowed time, never meant to be alive this long this season. But before we get to that, let’s take a look back at some of the other great moments.

1986 Divisional Playoff vs. San Francisco 49ers: In the second quarter, Jim Burt knocks Joe Montana out of the game as he threw a pass that was intercepted by Lawrence Taylor and returned 34 yards for a touchdown.

Super Bowl XXI vs. Denver Broncos: On the opening drive of the second half, down by a score of 10-9, Parcells calls for the fake on 4th and 1 from the Giants own 49 yard line by nodding from the sideline for backup QB Jeff Rutledge to cue a shift from the punt formation to a traditional offensive set and run the QB sneak. The Giants would end up scoring the go ahead TD on the drive, and never again trailed in the game.

1990 NFC Championship vs. San Francisco 49ers: Leonard Marshall knocks Joe Montana out of the game, and the 49er backfield forever, with one of the most gruesome hits in NFL history.

1990 NFC Championship vs. San Francisco 49ers: Erik Howard forces a Roger Craig fumble with a minute to play, which was recovered by Lawrence Taylor setting up a last minute game winning Matt Barr field goal, ending the 49ers quest to three-peat, and leading to Brian Huba getting beat up on the bus the next day by a 49er fan who was much older, in eighth grade I think

Super Bowl XXV vs. Buffalo Bills: Giants set a Super Bowl record 40:33 time of possession with back up QB Jeff Hostetler at the helm, who went 20-32 for 222 yards, 1 TD, and 0 INTs. A 9:23 drive, capped by a TD to Stephen Baker.

2001 Divisional Playoff vs. Philadelphia Eagles: Jason Sehorn’s acrobatic interception.

2001 NFC Championship: 41-0, ‘Nuff said.

2007 NFC Championship vs. Green Bay: Corey Webster picks off Brett Favre in OT to set up Lawrence Tynes’s 47 yard field at -1 degree Lambeau Field, propelling the Giants into Super Bowl XLII.

Super Bowl XLII vs. New England Patriots: Eli Manning to David Tyree. Giants would go on to win the game and end the Patriots quest to become only the second undefeated team in NFL history.

2011 Wild Card Playoffs vs. Atlanta Falcons: Giants D shuts out Matt Ryan and the Hot-Lanta Falcons, after Eli spots the Dirty Birds 2 pts.

Read More: http://espn.go.com/new-york/nfl/story/_/id/7444324/2012-nfl-playoffs-new-york-giants-tom-coughlin-missed-being-playoffs

Dedicated to Mike Morano.

Brian Huba

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  1. Really enjoyed this trip down memory lane...especially sharing it with an old friend... who consequently was one of the proud few with enough brass to keep wearing his Giants gear straight through the Ray Handley era. Nice job Brian...let's hope we add to the list in Green Bay yet again.