Tuesday, October 23, 2012

He wants the title not the job

After watching the Debates and following the respective campaigns for the last year, I’m left with only one answer: Mitt Romney just "wants" to be President. What do I mean by that? Romney has accomplished everything he’s ever set out to do, and now he has made the decision that he wants to be the world’s #1 guy. So he went to work on it four-five years ago, after McCain put him to pasture. He made his kids marry and have kids, he overhauled his whole life to make a Presidential push. All that is fine, but the problem is he's only worried about being called Mr. President, because wouldn’t that be something for the guys at the golf club to see?

Does anyone think Romney has given a second’s thought to the actual job that would wait if he were to win? His whole game right now is walk the part, talk the part, be the part. Say anything to win, do anything, tweek positions, change positions, flat-out lie, whatever it takes, just win. There’s nothing genuine or planned out about the duties that such a job would call for. An analogy: We all want to be in the NFL or in the NBA, sure we do, what a life, right? The big contract, the TV commercials, the fame, the VIP access. Then when it’s time to actually play the game, Clay Matthews puts you in the fifth row on the first hit, and suddenly being in the NFL isn’t so much fun. You have to actually have the "stuff" to perform on the field. Romney doesn't. He just wants the locker.

Never once has Romney turned off that run-for-the-White House mode long enough to consider there are a million Clay Matthews waiting when you win, all day, every day, with a few rides in Air Force One in between. Yeah, being Prez is aces with the Country Clubbers, and people would salute him when he showed up, but it’s not so much fun when a nuclear war, and poverty, and unemployment, and education, and every other problem knock at the door. And believe me, they'll knock, and knock, and knock, and . . .

My point is Romney just comes off artificial--how can't you see that--like a kid who says he wants to be a rock star. Now imagine that kid has a billion dollars at his disposal. Say anything. Do anything. Flat-out lie. Whatever to win. It’s like running for Washington is a game, the latest thing to throw his wealth and lucky touch at. He isn’t going to dirty his hands with your middle-class problems if elected. He has cuff links worth more than your house. He’d be the $5,000.00-a-plate fundraiser President. The golf-with-the-Prime Minister of England President. Every day I hear people say, “I wish my life was like Kobe Bryant’s” or “Eli Manning’s” or “Brad Pitt’s.” (For the record, I have never heard anyone say that, but you get my point.) Truth is you have no idea the outrageous workload and nonstop grind being one of those guys would be. All you see is the commercials, and cool movies, and red carpets. That life is like an iceberg in the ocean. 99.9% of it is underwater where nobody can see. Being President is that, times a million and a million more.

How can you vote for Romney? Do you understand the mess that turning over this country to another leadership would be at this point? I promise you that Romney would spend the first month in celebration mode. That’s human nature after chasing something for so many years and actually getting it. He wants the title Mr. President. Say anything. Do anything. Just win. He doesn’t want the job. And neither do you. Say what you want about Obama. The man has grayed his hair for this country. And last night, as I watched the debate I saw a President tired of playing this he-said he-said game with a wealthy man whose only idea about being President is how cool that title would look on his nameplate.

This election is a pesky distraction to our President, and in a few weeks, Romney will be a footnote in political history, so move over Mondale and Dukakis. We all dream about running the ball in the big game. But when you catch that sweep right and Clay Matthews comes barreling down at you, foam at the mouth, most of us would rather be home watching, thinking that could be us out there on that field, sure it could.

It’s almost time to go home, Mitt, back to the winter house in wherever and armchair QB Obama for another four years with the rest of us. And trust me, Mitt, it’s better that way, for all of us. Our short, national nightmare is almost over.

Here's why I'm voting Obama. On three major issues: Iraq, General Motors, and Osama bin Laden, Romney was wrong (he agreed with Iraq, wanted to let GM fail, and said killing bin Laden wasn't a priority) and Obama was right. The end.

Say anything. Do anything. Just win.

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Brian Huba

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