Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sophie's Letter to Shaker Vet

Dear Dr. Patrick:

Thank you for performing the surgery that saved my life. Since your phone call last Friday with the results, the good news means my mommy & daddy can stop crying. I'm back to doing my three favorite things 1)Going on long walks with my sisters, 2)Chasing chipmunks in my yard (but never catching them), and 3)Taking naps in the afternoon in the big bed. When the staples come out and the hair grows back, I'll be ready for summer. My mom & dad don't work over summer, which means going up north to my grandma's house, A LOT! Up there we take all-day boat rides on the lake in grandpa's big boat or take long walks in the Adirondacks with my sisters AND my cousins. At night we all get into bed and watch TV. I sleep between my mom & dad, head on the pillow "human style." Every morning when I wake up, bark to go out and/or eat, I'll take a minute and think of you, and know that this life almost didn't happen for me, and I'll know it did because of you. And when my daddy hears the song that says, "baby, you're a firework" he'll scoop me up and dance with me, and I don't know why he'll do that but he always does, and I'll be happy.

Barks to You and Yours,
Sophie Cinnamon


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