Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sports according to my wife

On Friday night I got talking with my wife about the NBA playoffs, and our conversation somehow turned into a talk about the relevance of all sports in pop culture. I thought it would be interesting to see what superstars were truly “household names,” starting with our own household. For this study my wife will represent the swath of society (at least regionally speaking) that does not “actively” follow sports on a day-to-day basis, and hears most of the major headlines and players involved from someone else. I went sport by sport and asked her to tell me what CURRENT players and coaches she could name, Michael Jordan and Babe Ruth don't count. When finished it was obvious which sports are producing the most recognizable figures these days, and which definitely are not.

NBA Basketball

Current NBA players my wife could name

1. Kobe
2. LeBron
3. Bird-Man
4. World Peace
5. Lebron (again)
6. Dwayne Wade
7. Jimmer from Glens Falls
8. Patrick Ewing “Does he still play?” she then asked.
9. The white guy that plays with Kobe (Pau Gasol)
10. La La’s husband (Carmelo Anthony)
11. Eva’s ex-husband (Tony Parker)
12. A Berger guy from Syracuse (I have no idea who that is)

Current NBA coaches my wife could name

1. Kobe and Michael Jordan’s coach (Phil Jackson)

MLB Baseball

Current MLB players my wife could name

1. Derek Jeter
2. A-Rod
3. CC Sabathia
4. The Yankee that just got kicked out (Mike Pineda)

Current MLB managers my wife could name

1. Joe Girardi
2. Buck Showalter

NFL Football

Current NFL players my wife could name

1. Eli
2. Peyton
3. JPP
4. Tom Brady
5. Brandon Jacobs
6. Nicks
7. That Jesus Guy (Tim Tebow)
8. Kristin Cavallari’s husband (Jake Cutler)
9. Tony Romo
10. Victor Cruz
11. That guy whose last name is Wilson (SB MVP Russell Wilson)

Current NFL coaches my wife could name

1. Bill “Billchick” (Bill Belichick)
2. Tom Coughlin
3. Andy Reid
4. The Jets coach (Rex Ryan)

NHL Hockey

Current NHL players my wife could name

1. N/A

Current NHL coaches my wife could name

1. N/A

Brian Huba

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