Wednesday, January 27, 2010

K9 Violence: One Torturous Death Deserves Another

The story about the Schenectady man who murdered two small dogs and burned a third shook me to the core. In fact I think it’s unfitting to even call that piece of human-garbage a man. I recognize rape and domestic violence as crimes that need to be treated with a harsh hand. But there’s no more pointless, cowardly, horrible act than torturing and killing a helpless animal, an animal whose whole purpose is to please its owner. Don’t tell me about someone’s past history or unpredictable temper. I don’t want to hear it. To consciously and graphically destroy a family pet for ANY reason is beyond belief, and should be treated the same way as crimes against humans. That’s right. These scumbags that drown or electrocute beautiful animals should be locked up the same way as rapists and violent offenders. There’s no room in society for such sick, twisted lunatics. And I applaud Congressman Jim Tedisco for captaining Buster’s Law. It’s a great initiative, and because of it, he has my vote till the end of time. But more needs to be done.

Not convinced? How about some unsettling details?

The 28-year-old slime ball in question here, on three separate occasions, tortured and/or murdered small dogs with his bare hands. Police say the first dog was killed sometime in December after this pig-of-a-human became upset when the female long-haired dachshund named Beary urinated in the house. So he drowned the animal in a bathtub by holding her nose and mouth under water and then squeezed her to death. SQUEEZED TO DEATH. A second animal, a female toy poodle named Carmella, was burned on her legs and backside on Jan. 12 after being held under scalding water. BURNED. Police also say this waste-of-life ripped the hair from Carmella's legs. The latest incident happened on Sunday when another long-haired dachshund named Fudge was struck once, fatally, with a pool stick. STRUCK IN THE HEAD. Why were these last two dogs tortured this way? Excessive barking. Sometimes I forget how disgusting human beings can be. Then I’m reminded.

"This is a classic furtherance of the domestic violence behavior of him forcing her to watch her animals be tortured and killed," said David Dean, a spokesman with the Schenectady County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

I’m a firm believer in America’s prison system, and innocent until proven guilty. I believe there are many criminals who can be rehabilitated in time. But, if these charges are true, that belief doesn’t apply here. In a perfect world, this guy would be sentenced to a painful fight for his life in dirty, bathtub water, then burned with white-hot water while every last, little hair was ripped from his body, before having a pool cue smashed across his face. After all that, I say, if guilty, give this creep the electric chair. That’s right. He deserves to die. I’m a dog(s) owner and if anyone ever did this to one of mine, his life would henceforth be a ticking time bomb. The bible says eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. I extend that belief to paws, and snouts, and tails. Family comes in all forms.

So I say: One torturous death deserves another.

Of course that won’t happen. If convicted, he’ll do some time then be back on the streets, armed with his rap sheet that counts 10 prior convictions. Some of his past crimes include false imprisonment, harassment, and most recently, domestic violence. All horrible crimes, of course. But no way as inhuman and horrible as eviscerating defenseless animals.

If you need proof of society's slap-on-the-wrist way, look no further than that disgraceful joke, Michael Vick, who after signing a $125 million contract with the Atlanta Falcons, serially slaughtered dogs with his own hands. He strangled, drowned, hung, electrocuted, and beat dogs to death. Now he’s back in the NFL, winning Ed Block courage awards.

Despite this pathetic, stomach-turning case of cowardice, I know there are so many who love dogs of all shapes and sizes. So here’s some ways to counteract the violence and/or neglect against dogs (and cats of course). Most Hannaford Stores in the area have a cardboard box where shoppers can drop just-purchased food or treats for homeless animals. There are many Capital Region shelters and humane societies. The Hudson-Mohawk Humane Society is one that comes to mind. Donate if you can, please. And for God’s sake, don’t take on a dog unless you’re willing to keep that dog for the duration of its life, bad or good. There’s nothing more horrible than giving a dog (or cat) a sense of security and love, then ripping it away.

Obviously I’m an animal lover, and what’s transpired in Schenectady breaks my heart. So give your loyal, loving pet a hug, and help out the abused and neglected animals out there if you can.
Brian Huba

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