Sunday, April 11, 2010

25 Random Thoughts

I’m insanely afraid to fly.

I have no problem with racial profiling at the airport.

Last Thursday I decided I'm never attending another wedding ever again. I've been to many. They've all been bad. So, I'm done.

I think Justin Beiber is pretty good. I watched him perform on SNL and was expecting it to be really bad, but I was surprised how well he sang and how well he moved around the stage. What can I say? He’s good. On a related note: I was 18 the first time I ever saw Justin Timberlake sing, Justin was probably 17. I was watching an HBO concert special, but I had never heard of Timberlake or NSYNC. But I knew--the second I saw Timberlake--that this kid was special, that he’d be around for the long haul. Ten years later . . . Did I have the same super-feeling when I saw Bieber last night? No, not quite. But I think he has a shot. One problem is the way his handlers are bubble-gumming him up way too much. He’s actually better than these silly songs he’s singing. Second problem: His looks. I don’t know how he translates into manhood. Right now he’s 16 and maybe 5’0”. Third problem: He’s way too cocky. Settle down, little guy. That’s the only way to ensure shelf life. We shall see.

Fourth of July and New Years Eve suck.

Does anyone else find it wildly inappropriate that the DWI Guy has a catchy song/jingle in his radio commercials? Call 1-800-DWI-TEAM. I know lawyers use these jingles so that people remember them when in a pinch. But DWI is a very serious crime, and I just feel having a catchy “fun” jingle is a bit too flippant for my taste. If this DWI Guy is going to stake his professional rep on helping DWI suspects exclusively, perhaps his tone should be a bit more serious than some radio jingle.

Do the stabbings in Albany ever end?

Why did Sandra Bullock win the Best Female Actress Oscar for the Blindside? The movie was boring and as Walt Disney as it gets. Bullock was her usual awful on screen. I’m sorry. I just don’t get the buzz around this ridiculous movie or her cardboard performance. It was like a crappy Remember the Titans, without the great Denzel to shoulder the load.

There’s nothing more American than being at Wal-Mart on a Saturday afternoon.

I can’t be in the same room as someone who’s eating cereal or soft ice cream. Yuck.

Dumb & Dumber is the greatest comedy ever made. Animal House is the most overrated. It’s not even remotely funny.

Kobe Bryant is the greatest athlete in all of professional sports. He’s a winner, has a great work ethic, and prides himself on playing hard every night, no matter what. Plus, he’s just better than everybody else.

George W. Bush is the most important American President ever. He’s not the best (or the worst), but history will soon show that his eight-year reign in Washington was/is world-changing for so many reasons. Stay tuned.

The world is not going to end in 2012.

This is the worst year of movies I can remember. From She’s Out of Your League to the Bounty Hunter. Need I say more?

The best job I ever had was washing dishes at the Villa Valenti Restaurant in Wynantskill. By the way, the food is out of this world. Never been? Do yourself a favor this weekend.

I lie about my age every SINGLE day. Why do I do that? I don’t know why.

If you eat McDonald’s more than once a week you need to immediately reevaluate your life. No matter how rich or poor someone is, there’s always a better option than the golden arches. By the way, I could eat twenty-five cheeseburgers in one sitting if I wanted to. But I don’t. That’s the difference.

Howard Stern is the greatest entertainer in America. He’s not? Who’s better?

If you believe that Sarah Palin would be a good President you’re not, well, I don't know what you are. I respect Democrats and Republicans, think both have good ideas. But nobody with half a brain can actually think this lightweight from Alaska should be the most powerful person in the world. Come on, guys. You can’t be serious. Sarah Palin? She’s the biggest political lightweight in the history of the World. That’s right, the world.

Try the Insanity Workout. It's really tough, and addicting.

PYX-106.5’s song selection is as ordinary as it gets. Livin on a Prayer followed by Paradise City then Carry on my Wayward Son. Does the rock vault go a bit deeper than Steve Miller and Led Zepplin twice an hour every hour? By the way, the Uncle Vito thing jumped the shark about 20 years ago. It's time for the former Ranger Danger to hang it up and hunt down the elusive Knockers LaRue, wherever she may be.

Is there anyone out there stupid enough to call one of these credit consolidation places because they believe these companies will eliminate your debt and cut your payments down to one single payment per month? My mother once taught me: If it’s too good to be true . . . Well, you know the rest.

I'm currently reading the Closers by Michael Connelly.

This summer I plan on rewatching the entire Sopranos series on DVD, for the third straight summer. What can I say? I don't give up easy.

Brian Huba


  1. I read your blog occasionally; I disagree with most of your opinions, but I've noticed that you like the Sopranos. Instead of rewatching that, watch The Wire and Breaking Bad.

  2. A smug man-child who spouts wise-ass pop culture.
    How rare.

  3. i wish they didnt end it with a blackscreen