Thursday, June 10, 2010

Man Who Mutilated Rabbits Deserves to Die

What a sick, twisted, disgusting piece of human garbage.

For those who have not read the sickening, heartbreaking story in the North Adams Transcript yet, it appears that on Tuesday night a man broke into a construction company called Berkshire County Construction in Mass., and brutally mutilated 5 pet rabbits after he was unable to steal away a company truck.

According to the Massachusetts paper, Public Safety Commissioner E. John Morocco said the suspect, caught on video by the company’s surveillance cameras, seemed to fly into a rage after failing to break into a truck. "Immediately after not being able to get into the truck, he basically attacked 15 rabbits in coops over there. As a result, five animals are dead -- four adults and a baby," he said.

How did he do it? Why? The man, angry that he could not properly steal the truck, decided to open a nearby rabbit hutch with a two-by-four and start beating and killing rabbits. He ripped off rabbits’ ears, tails, and hanged one by the neck from a chain. All this because he couldn’t pull off the attempted theft. What a first-rate, top-drawer loser.

"Material things are replaceable, but this is just unnecessary," company owner Tracey Duquette said. "These were our pets. We bring them home. I don’t know what I’m going to tell my 6-year-old daughter. I can’t tell her what really happened. I don’t want to tell her there really are monsters out there."

Wow, talk about someone who deserves to die.

And that’s what I propose. I say anyone who could do this to another living being, animal or human, deserves to die. That’s right. I’m playing God. Deal with it. I say strap him into an electric chair and cook him alive. I don’t care about his oh-so-sad past. I don’t want to hear about psychological issues, or some lousy life situation that left him desperate enough to do this. Any human that could literally rip apart a defenseless animal, as said animal(s) screamed and cried to be spared (as I’m sure these rabbits did), should not be allowed to live on this earth for another second. You take a life, ANY life, you deserve to die.

In my opinion animal abuse is the worst crime in the world. In fact, I feel worse for these rabbits than I do for that little girl that Joran van der Sloot killed in Peru. She had a chance to get away. She could’ve said anything, besides I know who you are and what you did, to get out of that hotel room. She wasn’t TOTALLY defenseless. But these beautiful animals? Like I said about that piece of trash, Michael Vick, and that deadbeat joke from Schenectady who tortured his girlfriend’s dogs: one torturous death deserves another. I wish we could lock all three of these degenerates (along with the thousands of other animal abusers) in a bomb chamber and blow them to smithereens. I’m a pet owner myself. And if anyone did something like this to my babies, their life wouldn’t be worth a bucket of spit. Take that for what it’s worth.

"It was brutal," said Sgt. Roy Sutton of MSPCA law enforcement. "I would call it a mutilation and a killing."

According to the North Adams Transcript, the suspect faces felony charges of malicious destruction of the animal of another and cruelty to animals and could face up to 2 1/2 years in state prison and up to a $2,500 fine, if convicted. He also would face local charges of breaking and entering in the nighttime with intent to commit a felony, wanton destruction of property over $250 and intent to commit a crime (larceny of a motor vehicle).

2.5 years? $2,500 fine? Yeah, OK. So what. Big deal. And, who cares about the damn motor vehicle that he didn’t even get away with anyway? I have a better idea, a more fitting punishment. As revenge for the rabbits, let’s take this sicko to Americade at Lake George this weekend. Let’s tie his legs to the back of one Harley and his arms to the back of another Harley. Then have the motorcycles race down Canada Street in different directions. And the 6 year old who owned the rabbits gets to be the girl who drops that bandana in the road to start the race, just like in those old drag cars movies. That’s my idea. It sounds crazy, horrible, I know. Almost as horrible as literally ripping defenseless rabbits apart then hanging one with a chain around the neck.

"This person has to be caught," Duquette said. "What kind of person could do this? This person had no remorse; no conscious. This was an act of violence -- meaningless and psychotic. What scares me is that this person is still out there. He could do harm to a person."

Sometimes I think it’s the end of the world, I swear. Between this BP Oil Spill, and Joran van der Sloot, and the wild weather, and that ridiculous flake from NYC who's suing Citibank for firing her for being TOO HOT to work with, and the fact that the stupidest, birdbrain politician in world history, Sarah Palin, is actually, unbelievably somewhat relevant, I just don’t know where we go from here. I guess I know now: breaking into construction companies and crucifying rabbits. I hope this guy dies a slow, brutal, bad, horrible death. That's my hope.

For the record: the suspect is described as a white male, 16 to 20 years old, 5 feet, 8 inches tall, weighing 140-160 pounds and of slight build. He was wearing black-and-gray camouflage pants, a dark hooded sweatshirt and a red-and-white baseball cap (red on the back and bill and white on the front). He was also carrying a black-and-white backpack.

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Brian Huba


  1. I totally agree with everything you said about this sick disgusting loser that is called a human. How could anyone kill or hurt an innocent rabbit. We should put this dirtbag in a room with a bunch of alligators and let them kill him!! We need to get tougher laws for these scum of the earth scumbags that keep killing animals. Its ridiculous how they keep getting away with murder!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think you went off the tracks when you said you have less compassion for the van der sloot vicitim. I'm sick thinking about this story but that comment was asinine.

  3. that sounds good to me but do we really want to feed this dirtbag to alligators how about sharks or hand him by his balls if he has any takes a real man to beat up rabbit's give me 10 mins alone with him i have pet rabbet's they run allover my house more like kids then pets

  4. As someone who lives about 309 minute from North Adams, and had her horse brutally stabbed to death in Dec. 2008, I totally sympathize with the family. You grieve, you hurt, you play over an dover in your mind the suffering and pain and the screams those poor animals emitted while being tortured. you feel guilty you "were not there to help defend them". You get angry because "there's not a thing you can do physically to this coward.. because he can not be found". Yet you know EXACTLY what you would do to him. Not only did htose poor animals suffer a brutal death, but there is also the emotional effect it has on the owners of these defenseless animals. The emotions run HIGH and hit you like a runawya freight train when you least expect it!!! and the depression sometimes wants to take over. The rage this asshole showed speaks volumes oif what he will be capable of doing to a person, a HELPLESS person at that, because that seems to be the only way he can win. I'd like to see that asshole get an ear ripped off of him, and a foot..(makes it harder for him to run away!), I just HOPE Mass. does not plea deal this guy down like NY pushed for Michael Lohnes, the guy that stabbed my horse to death. Dawn

  5. I feel so bad for all of you people that had animals tortured and killed. I wish I could find this f-ing morons and kick the crap out of them. It really makes me sick to my stomach when I think of these losers. We have to start fighting back and defending our animals!!!!!! I am willing to do whatever to help in this task!! I still would do the alligator thing also!!!

  6. I feel the same helpless rage and bewilderment when I read about this kind of stuff, and have the same feeling of "What the hell is wrong with this world?????" There is something wrong with us as a species, I swear to God. Too many of us are psychos and evil-minded predators, and that's aside from the criminally STUPID who proliferate among us. I feel nauseated.

  7. No clear-minded individual thinks kindly about anyone who could mutilate animals - that can be agreed upon. This is a truly deplorable story.

    But the following statement indicates that you need a professional to analyze that head of yours:

    "In my opinion animal abuse is the worst crime in the world. In fact, I feel worse for these rabbits than I do for that little girl that Joran van der Sloot killed in Peru. She had a chance to get away."

    There is absolutelty no situation in which an animal's life should be valued over that of a human being.

    I'm sure the family of that girl is thinking, 'Well, at least she didn't suffer as much as those rabbits. She blew it when she failed to avoid that whole neck breaking thing. At least she had a chance to get away.'

    It is stunning that the Record allows you to remain on this little blog of yours. It's even more stunning that a person with your mentality is allowed to teach our children.

  8. Brian, I feel exactly the same way. And a life is a life, suffering is suffering... no human is worth more than an animal and vice versa. If someone objectifies animals by diminishing their equal right to live and breathe, they have a god complex.

    The bastard in North Adams who killed those rabbits, and crazy Joran van der Sloot have that same sense of superiority, so June 10, 7:41 PM, YOU go talk to a professional.

  9. i just hope the judge gives him consectives sentences 1year per rabbit and that some inmate who loves animals gets to this scumbag and shanks him across his throat so he bleeds to death

  10. I understand your rage...well up until the Van Der Sloot comment and that the girl had a chance to get away, which at that point i thought, are you a nut?

  11. I am so goddamn sick of these idiot politicians who seem to think that murder of a human is punishable by death, but Michael fucking Vick gets, what, not even two years in prison? This is absolutley ridiculous. Especially the fact that, honestly, humans are really worth a hell of a lot less than animals, and we do so much more harm. I'm not even a hard-core animal person. But I am absolutley disgusted.