Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Howard Stern & Billy Joel

If you didn't get a chance to hear the great Howard Stern interview Billy Joel on his Sirius Radio Show on 11/16/10, do yourself a titantic favor and listen to it on Youtube. I will paste the links in below.

Howard Stern claims that he only has 14 shows left on Sirius Radio, due to his contract expiring in January. I for one hope this isn't the end of Howard. But, if it is the end, this past week of radio may be his best ever. Jay-Z stopped in and gave a great interview. Then, of course, Billy Joel, maybe the greatest singer/songwriter alive. Billy sang his songs live in studio, told the backstories, and answered any question that Howard asked. If you know anything about Stern, you know that he's the best interviewer in the business, so the questions were fantastic. It was/is must-listen-radio. I couldn't turn it off. I sat in my garage for 40 minutes just listening.

If you don't love Billy, you don't love music. I can remember when we were in high school then college, our favorite thing to do was get together and listen to Billy. If someone was having a house party with all the bells and whistles, the best girls, etc, etc, we weren't interested in showing up until we got the Billy Joel situation sorted out. So, for me, this interview was awesome.

It's not everyday you get a real interview with a legend, instead of some idiot throwing softball, prescripted questions. I'm thinking of the George W. Bush interview on Dateline. Pathetic. No, no, this is real, and it's incredible. Two legends trading wits. Doesn't get any better than this. Hope you take the time to listen. It'll be worth it.

Brian Huba

Listen: Part 3 and Part 4 should be posted today


  1. Brian ~ it was a great interview, thanks for posting the link. But if you're going to go to all the trouble and effort of posting a serious opinion piece on the internet for all the world to see, particularly about a cultural icon who has brought Satellite radio out of relative obscurity and made the current company one of the most recognizable names in the broadcast industry today, do yourself a favor and find out how it's spelled first. Not only is Sirius in the media daily, but it gets its name from the constellation by the same name (the Dog Star). It's clear to me that you have high hopes of turning this form of journalism into a viable outlet. Start by doing your homework. Fact-check! You've got a good head on your shoulders and a good rap to share. But keep yourself credible. Good luck with your writing talents and endeavors.

    Los Angeles, CA

  2. Brian,

    I came of age when Storm Front was released in the 80s. To be honest, after that, we had River of Dreams and that's all I thought of Billy, apart from his marriage to Ms. Brinkley. I did know of the occasional 'Uptown Girl' video and such. That's it. But, thanks to Howard and his staff so feverishly discussing Billy and his songs, I have gained so much appreciation for the man. I had known of Vienna, Allentown, NY State of... but man, to hear Howard dissecting Billy's songs and thought processes in his songwriting endeavors was pure genius. Howard has no parallel when it comes to such interviews. Apparently, the Jay-Z interview was very well appreciated too. Need to check it out. For a guy like me who had never been into music at all, Billy's songs are waiting to be discovered by me. I do not know why but I just teared up listening to that interview. It felt so special. Maybe, I was crying for myself that Howard would possibly not be with Sirius anymore. I like the older, refined Howard much better than the jock of the 80s and 90s. He is a truly great radio icon and most folks have no idea how natural a fit he is for that medium. I wish he renews his Sirius contract. The current team that he has and its programming content is my favorite phase of his career (compared to Jackie, Billy West and other phases).

  3. When did everybody turn evil? Can't somebody just write down their take on something without all the jealousy?! Sheesh, get a freakin' grip. If you want to "grammatize" then put dashes instead of commas where they belong.

  4. Maurine, you're such a buzzkill.

  5. What was misspelled??

  6. Yeah i don't get the misspelled thing either

    1. Hi Brian. I really wanted to hear Howard Stern's interview of Billy Joel but can't find it anywhere. The link you provided was removed. Any suggestions? Thank you.