Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Michael Vick? No Thanks

If you're a football fan you likely watched the Philadelphia Eagles, behind QB Michael Vick, destroy the Redskins on national television. If you turn on sports radio today you will likely hear a lot of pundits talking about how great Vick is playing now, how he turned his life around, got back to playing football and leading the Eagles to a 6-3 record, etc, etc. In case you forgot, and it seems so many of you have, Michael Vick was the millionaire QB for the Atlanta Falcons who was arrested and convicted for engaging in and funding dog fighting.

But there's more to the Vick story.

There’s a wicked misconception that after signing a $125 million contract with the Atlanta Falcons, Vick’s role was merely as dogfighting financial backer. Not true. He himself serially slaughtered animals with his own hands. He strangled, drowned, hanged, electrocuted, and beat unprofitable dogs to death while being coveted as the “Face of the NFL.” His multi-million-dollar property was a cemetery of pit bull carcasses left for decay in shallow graves. When simply crucifying dogs proved boring, Vick fed his family purebred to a cage of pit bulls, just to watch it get ripped to shreds. This belief that he’s rehabilitated himself is insane. “I’ve overcome a lot,” proclaimed Vick. “More than one single individual can handle or bear.”

I don't care how many football games he wins or how many interviews he gives, I will never, ever feel good for this scumbag or root for his team to win. No way! For those of you who say he paid his debt to society and should have a chance to redeem himself, I say forget that. The problem with this country is everybody has such a short memory. This creep throws a few TD passes and all of a sudden football fans embrace him and football teams are potentially (at season's end) lining up to pay him millions. Is there any such thing as measuring a man's character before signing him to a huge deal? Ask the Falcons about that. They took back this sleeze ball's millions. Good for them.

There are two crimes that there's NEVER an excuse for: rape and abuse against animals. There's actually meatball-pigs who will buy #7 Vick jerseys and wear them around in public. Disgusting!

I'm a bigger NFL fan than anybody. I love Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin. But if either of them ever engaged in this kind of behavior, I would be writing the same thing about them. And I'm not saying Eagles fans should allow this scumbag to ruin the experience of rooting for their team. But next time you cheer for #7, keep in mind the kind of man you are endorsing. There's really nothing worse than what he did. And this idea that he's rehabilitated himself is a joke. He's the same piece of garbage he's always been and always will be. Just like his dirtbag brother. Don't believe me that scumbagginess runs in the Vick family. Google Marcus Vick and read away. These are the type of people you are dealing with. One more horrible than the next. Should fans separate the man from the player when watching sports? Of course. But some things can't be separated, some lines can't be blurred. Knowing what this man did with his own hands to harmless, helpless animals. A man who was blessed with all the skills in the world. A man whose life was a dream come true, in so many respects. I can't separate that. Can you?

You slaughter, electrocute, or drown helpless dogs with your bare hands: Game Over. And, speaking of games, I hope the NY Giants put a thrashing on this guy Sunday night.

Dedicate it to the dogs, Big Blue.

Brian Huba


  1. You spelled separate wrong multiple times.

  2. I understand your point of view but repeatedly calling someone a scumbag, even Vick, kills your journalistic credibility

  3. He is a scumbag. I wish he said it ten more times.

  4. Hey anonymous #2. brain huba is a awesome dude and a great english teacher, and to tell a english teacher calling a poor excuse for a human being a scumbag kills his journalistic credibility, your an idiot. and to out form anonymous... Man up wuss.