Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Canadian Lou Talks Capital Region Radio

Good radio stations are hard to find… especially in the Capital Region. A few years ago I got so fed up with the radio that I tried Sirius radio. That lasted maybe six months due to the fact that I almost got in a dozen car crashes trying to pick up the devise that constantly fell on the passenger’s side floor.

About ten years ago, when I first started college, I loved the radio stations around here. Ken Jubie was the DJ for 88.3 (The Saint) and played the latest “cool” music, not this “we play everything” jumbo. It was actually pretty awesome listening to the radio station of your own school. Now, I find myself skipping over The Saint completely, unless I catch a good tune while searching through. I really wish they would have kept this station the way it was.

Do you remember Candy and Potter on Fly 92.3? This was a favorite among many in the region. I thought they were quite humorous during the early morning drive. Candy had her “Celebrity Dish” that I always looked forward to. A few years ago they moved to North Carolina, Charlotte I believe. Currently, it seems that Fly92 plays a 12 track cd on repeat all day.

Now I must admit that I usually really do like the music on 106.5 (PYX 106), I love classic rock! HOWEVER, I cannot stand Uncle Vito! Everyone I know yells, “Shut up!” at the radio whenever he makes his dumb comments or jokes of the day. Seriously, someone needs to start a campaign to get him out. Maybe it will be me.

So you ask, what is the best radio station, Canadian Lou? I say 102.7 WEQX! I drive 45 minutes to work everyday and listen to this station the entire way. If you grew up in the ‘80s you will love it. Yesterday, I heard “It’s a Shame About Ray,” by The Lemonheads. I don’t particularly “love” this song, but for some reason it was soothing and brought back some fond memories of my childhood. I haven’t heard that song in at least ten years. It is one of those stations that just de-stresses you for some reason. Everything from Weezer to Bob Marley to Billy Idol can be heard on The Real Alternative! So if you haven’t checked it out yet, do yourself a favor—when you get home today, tune into 102.7, pour yourself a glass of Cabernet, put your feet up and enjoy!

Canadian Lou

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