Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Other Brian Huba

When I was growing up I did not like my name very much. But my claim to fame was my belief that, despite not liking my name, I was the world’s only Brian Huba. After all my name wasn’t John Williams or something generic like that. It was original, solitary. When you’re young, and the sun rises and sets over your mother's house, it’s easy to think such things. But as my orbit of influence expanded, I stupidly clung to the idea that I was in fact the one and only Brian Huba. But thanks to Facebook I recently found out that I share my namesake with another. He is the other Brian Huba. Let me tell you about him.

Obviously you already know his name. Well, anyway, he’s from Virginia and I'm pretty sure he’s a complete hippie. He graduated from James Madison High School in ’88, so he’s about 40, right? Much older than me. He did go to college. Thank God. Virginia Tech, ’93. He has two children: Meadow Huba and River Huba. Yeah, he’s one of those. He has long hair and can be seen holding a can of beer in his profile pic. He works as a settlement manager for some music place called Musictoday in Crozet, Virginia. I have no idea what that is in any way, shape, or form. As far as music goes, he lists Phish as his favorite. I just hope my namesake isn’t one of those 40-year-old idiots who follow Phish around the country like a groupie. He also mentions the Disco Biscuits (who?) and the Grateful Dead. Guess what, ladies, he’s listed as single.

Recently it was his birthday. How do I know that? See below:

Brian Huba This is simply beautiful... Thank you ALL for your kind birthday wishes... you have all made my day!!....


Brian Huba Thank you all once again for the birthday goodness!!

What kind of 40 year old goes on this Facebook and carries on about his birthday like this? After all these years of thinking I was the only Brian Huba, I have to find out this way that that is not the case. I hope people haven’t tried to Google me and come up with this Phish-loving fella.

Anyway, he has 124 friends and loves to comment on “far out” things like hippie music and amazing art. I bet this guy can’t even name by memory the starting defensive backfield of the 1990 Superbowl winning NY Giants. I bet he doesn’t even know Tom Coughlin’s coaching record. And I’m almost certain he can’t play basketball to save his life. You know: the important things.

So to sum up, I’m not alone as the world's only Brian Huba. I half-knew this day would come. I just prayed my name wouldn’t be shared with some man who idolizes Jerry Garcia.

I must say though, this Musictoday man was actually the first Brian Huba, since he is older. So I guess that makes ME the OTHER Brian Huba. Man oh man, how the tables have turned.

But hey, there’s always hope. Maybe we can meet up someday and become friends, and combine to make a super Brian Huba. In my namesake’s words that would be “far out.”

Check out the other/original Brian Huba for yourself:!/profile.php?id=1451975037&v=info

Brian Huba

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