Thursday, March 10, 2011

Everything That's Wrong with NYS Government

Yesterday is everything that is wrong with NYS Government. In Albany the NYS Highway Supervisors got together to discuss the fact that there is no money for roads, bridges, etc, because of the governor’s proposed budget cuts. Additionally, schools across the state continue to make painful cuts to programs and staff. What was Gov. Cuomo’s reaction/role in the midst of all this awfulness you ask? Could not be reached for comment. Why? Because he was hosting an all-day affair in regards to same-sex marriage. He actually had a lot to say about that issue yesterday, even releasing a PR statement about same sex to all the news channels to be plastered all over TV. What is my personal position on same-sex marriage? Who cares what my position is? What is my position on same-sex marriage today, when our roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, and state agencies are crumbling? I could care less about same-sex marriage today, and I don’t know why our governor, in this economic state, is worried about it either.

You probably say, “Come on, Brian, it’s only one day, relax.” To that I say, “No way.” Perception is everything, and I want to hear that my governor can’t sleep at night because people are losing jobs and programs are dying on the vine. Is our governor using resources and time to fight for same-sex rights important? Sure is. Is it important right now? God no. Saving jobs, schools, hospitals, that’s important! Before you get the wrong idea, I do not dislike Cuomo. He came in like a F-18. But slowly and surely he is and we are reverting back to the same rhetoric and nonsense in and around state government. It never changes. Same-sex marriage? Right now? What?!

But it’s not just Cuomo. Right now we have a senior senator in Chuck Schumer who is seemingly only worried about going on a statewide blitz for the wine & liquor industry, a tax-paid blitz by the way. Huh?! His plan in this regard may be a fiscally-sound one, but I don’t care about that plan, because I don’t care about the liquor industry right now. Not even on my top 100 of priorities. Then there’s that absolute fool Kristin Gillibrand. Can anyone explain to me how this person got elected as our state’s junior senator? She is as useless as ski boots in Key Largo. Now, instead of fighting the fights that we need dealt with, she’s all over the TV, reading off her cue cards like the airhead she is, trying to get some version of a teenaged driving law passed, that’s basically been passed for twenty-five years already. No teens driving at night?! Wow, what a brainwave. Worst senator in America. Why is she doing that you ask? To look and sound good, and because she’s got nothing! Like I said before: She'll never dirty her hands with actual issues. Never!

All I heard on the news channels yesterday was Cuomo’s office couldn’t be reached for comment on all the state’s major issues, in between these three ‘who cares’ stories about same sex, wine & liquor, and teenaged driving. Let me bottom line this, geniuses: New Yorkers care about their job, their house/taxes, their financial/family security. That’s it! Fix that! Worry about this other crap when hospitals aren’t closing, bridges aren’t crumbling, and schools aren’t getting carved up. “Why do those things matter?” you may ask. I’ll tell you. If we don’t have public services, roads/bridges, and schools, this country's world standing is as dead as disco. That’s the facts.

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Brian Huba

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