Sunday, June 12, 2011

This is insane, right?

When I thought of what I might write about this week, I cycled between the who cares story of sexting congressman Anthony Weiner, Sarah Pee-lin’s Northeast bus tour of stupidity, and how Kim Kardashian is getting fake married, and some nobody NBA player has been cast to play her fake husband. Then I saw this complete insanity, and had to share it.

Before I get into this, let me say that miscarrying a baby, at any stage, would certainly be a difficult thing to deal with, for anyone, and it would likely take some time to move past it emotionally. I think we can all agree that if a baby is miscarried, the mother’s body, for whatever reason, rejected the process, something was wrong, it wasn’t meant to be. If you believe in God, maybe you can point to the sky, believe the answer is up there, and that's OK. Then you have to regroup, try again, right? With that said, I think you’re going to find the following story completely insane.

I won’t tell you who these people are or how I came across their Facebook page, but I will tell you they are a young couple, late twenties, who live in northern NY, in the Adirondacks. On their Facebook page they tell a story of a pregnancy miscarried after the twelfth week (something like that). Tragic, no doubt, difficult, for sure, but then it just gets nutty. Both father and mother, after suffering the loss of their non-birthed baby at week 12, decide to go out and get huge, matching tattoos on their upper arms, with the unborn baby’s name, the day of its miscarriage, and two baby foot prints, even though the baby was never born, and never had feet, then blast the pics all over Facebook, of course. Um, OK. Everybody has their process, I suppose, and I’m not looking to spark a debate about when a fetus becomes a baby, and when life begins, and when a ‘soul’ enters the equation. Whatever your belief is on this, come on, the abovementioned is abnormal, right?

But it doesn’t end there.

Several months after the miscarriage and matching tattoos, this same young couple decide that the memoriam behavior has to go on. So they purchase a flat grave marking and have it placed in a cemetery or burial yard of some sort, with unborn baby’s name and date of miscarry engraved into the stone, alongside an engraving of a baby praying on his knees. Since there is no body, because the baby tragically miscarried in early pregnancy, there is nothing buried below the plot, you’d think. Am I wrong on this, or does this seem to you to be a lot of crazy behavior, process aside? And of course, pictures of this grave stone are also blasted all over this dumb Facebook. You might be saying, ‘Brian, how can you call Facebook dumb? You beg people to visit your page all the time.’ I think anyone with any sense realizes I’m just joking about those begs. And furthermore maybe something as tragic as a miscarriage, at any stage, shouldn’t be fodder for your Facebook wall.

Either way, this is crazy behavior, right? This is too much. Am I wrong? Am I way off on this one?

Brian Huba

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