Sunday, May 20, 2012

25 Random Thoughts

1.Why doesn’t the Government find a way to outlaw tanning beds A.K.A. Fake n’ Bakes? Anybody who would actually do that to themselves probably isn’t the brightest bulb in the tanning bed.

2.Kobe Bryant played the best game of his career on Friday night, in a must-win situation against the OKC Thunder. The next night, he played another brilliant game, but couldn’t close the deal.

3.Speaking of the NBA Playoffs, I predict the Heat vs. Spurs in the NBA Finals this year. Miami is going to win 4-1, and then LeBron is going to 3-Peat.

4.If you’ve never done a Saturday Brunch at the Iron Gate in Albany, do yourself a huge favor.

5.The Season Finale of Saturday Night Live this weekend, with Mick Jagger as host, was boring and really hard to watch. Yikes.

6.At dinner on Saturday night, we had a debate about FOX 23’s John Gray. I said he’s an Albany A List Celebrity, and the person I was debating with said, “Albany D-List, at best.” Really?

7.My favorite Beatles Song is “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away.” My favorite line, “How can I even try? I can never win.”

8.Who would ever go and see DARK SHADOWS starring Johnny Depp? It looks horrible.

9.Why does the NYS Lottery only allow “cash” transactions when buying Lotto tickets or Win-For-Life games? No credit or debit. I don’t get that.

10.I am trying to sell my house right now. I still don’t fully understand what the Real Estate Agent does. Can somebody explain it to me?

11.I used to live for Memorial Day Weekend, going to Lake George, then three days later: the first Alive at Five. I haven’t been to either in years.

12.I am currently reading THE LAST CHILD by John Hart.

13.I am listening to Elton John sing about the power of sad songs on Pandora right now. “Turn em on, turn em on, turn on those sad songs.”

14.Speaking of music, I have no interest in seeing any concert this summer. DMB? Nope. Aerosmith? Nah. I saw McCartney last summer. What’s the point of anybody else?

15.Speaking of summer, we are debating between Cape Cod and Washington DC as a getaway sometime in July or August. I’ll let you know.

16.I’m going to put a flat-screen TV outside over the deck this summer. I think that would be really cool.

17.I tried watching BRIDE’S MAIDS again. It was worse the second time. I don’t understand anybody who LOVED that movie. Are there maybe two different versions of it?

18.How do airplanes NEVER crash? There are 28,000 domestic flights a day in this country. How does nothing EVER go wrong? The TSA is the best product in the world.

19.When does the Kim Kardashian thing just end? Is she getting ‘fake’ pregnant now?

20.Speaking of TV, I didn’t even watch the season finale of my favorite sitcom: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Why, you ask? Howard Stern on America’s Got Talent, of course.

21. Speaking of TV Part II, I watched a great ESPN 30/30 the other night: One Night in Vegas. It was the story of the Mike Tyson fight the night TuPac was shot in LVN.

22. Speaking of Tyson, when I was growing up, there was nothing more exciting than a Mike Tyson fight. The ring walk, the brutality, the uneasiness and excitement that rippled through the arena and into my living room. There will never be another one like Tyson.

23. My three most popular blogs (most read) are 3) Bride's Maids vs. Hangover (970 reads), 2) 14 Aspen Drive (1,170 reads), and 1) Howard Stern & Billy Joel (2,720 reads).

24. The three blogs that brought the most comments are 3) Is Crossgates Mall Guilty of Profiling, 2) I Don't Understand Tattoos, and 1) Bride's Maids vs. Hangover II.

25. Has there ever been a more powerful line of commercials than the NYS Quit Smoking spots? I can't even watch them. I turn the channel as fast as I can. Smoking? Really?

Brian Huba

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