Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hail to the Chief

Today President Obama makes his third visit to the Capital Region. Originally planned to hit the Global Foundries Plant in Malta, he is now U Albany bound. Air Force One will hit Albany International at 11.30AM, the Prez is expected to speak at the college at 1.30PM, and he’ll be gone again by 2.30PM. Last night, I heard a continuous wave of huge-sounding planes rocking low over my house (I live in Clifton Park), and I wondered if it was the Secret Service or the President’s Security people coming in ahead of time. They didn’t sound like Delta and United flights coming in. As the Region’s businesses and roadways brace for the crush of Barack Obama’s people, I got to thinking about our current Commander and Chief on another level.

This past weekend, I came out of the shower, and I had the TV on. I could only hear it from where I was, and I thought, wow, there’s an old JFK or FDR speech on the channel I left it on. You know how powerful and Presidential all those sound bites from the great American leaders always sound. “Think not what your country can do for you . . .” Who doesn’t get goose bumps hearing those old grainy clips, when America was America and Presidents were Presidents? When I went in the room where the TV was, I didn’t see JFK or FDR on the screen, I saw the 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama. He sounded better than JFK or FDR when he talked about ending the Iraq and Afghan wars, and using the surplus to rebuild roads and schools. Wow, I thought, that’s what a great American President sounds like. Just say the name: Barack Hussein Obama. It doesn’t get more baseball and apple pie than that.

Kidding aside, we have one of the all-time great Presidents in Washington right now. And the thing is: Nobody gets how great he is. He's like the Eli Manning of Presidents in that regard. His first four years in office have been tough at times, of course, but they were also great. He had a Grand-Canyon sized mess to clean up. But, despite the huge hole GW left us in and the way this Senate and Congress have fought Barack at every turn, he still got a lot of historically-great things done. Let’s list a few. He saved General Motors. He was the Prez when America achieved the greatest military capture in our nation’s history. He ended that ridiculous war in Iraq. He’s going to end the war in Afghanistan. He’s going to rebuild the ‘Trade Towers.’ The economy is on the upswing, and our reputation around the world is getting back to good, all this with the GOP fighting him every inch. It should take this nation a generation to reverse the GW disaster. Barack is going to do it in six years.

If you can’t see how great Barack Obama is for this country, you’re probably one of two things 1) A really, really, really rich guy who only cares about the Bush tax system staying in place, or 2) A complete hillbilly. Am I stereotyping? Of course, but it's becoming the Larry the Cable Guy Party, isn't it? “But, Brian, I need a President I can drink a beer with.” First off, why should the #1 job qualification of the most powerful man in the world, the man charged with running this country, be your ability to suck down alcohol with him? I want the smartest, sharpest guy on the planet running this country. And secondly, why couldn’t you drink with Barack, but you could with Bush, a millionaire who’s had everything handed to him? Barack put himself through college, worked his way up the American political infrastructure, dethroned the Clintons, and, in November is going to crush Mitt Romney, a billionaire businessman. Not bad for a black kid from Chicago. Did you see Barack on Jimmy Fallon? He was fantastic. Smart. Funny. Witty. Everything. He handled the Secret Service Scandal perfectly, crushed it on the spot. God, we’ve got an A+ President right now. Nobody gives this guy the respect he deserves. Like I said: the Eli of Presidents.

If I was Barack Obama, I wouldn’t even debate Mitt Romney during the upcoming election season. Debate this joker? It’s an insult. Mitt Romney isn’t even in the same galaxy, politically speaking. After Obama eviscerates Romney in November, the beginning of the Great Awakening will start in this country. I promise you, Barack’s final four years are going to be four of the greatest this nation has ever known. History will remember Obama as one of the best Presidents ever, even better than Clinton, I bet. And many years from now, some guy is going to get out of his shower, hear the TV in the other room playing some long-ago President’s speech about better roads and better schools, and say to himself, “Wow, that’s when America was America and Presidents were Presidents.”

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Watch Prez Obama 'Slow Jam' the news on Jimmy Fallon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAFQIciWsF4

Watch Prez Obama on JImmy Fallon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3nRA8om_ao

Brian Huba

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