Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Abused Puppies Left for Dead

Another sick, twisted story of animal abuse. I say find this piece of human trash and do the same thing to him. Eye for an eye! Just remember stories like this when you cheer for Michael Vick on Sundays.

From the Mohawk-Hudson Humane Society: Pit Bull Puppies Abused and Abandoned

On Saturday, September 8th, railroad workers discovered three young puppies on railroad tracks in Albany. When they picked up the puppies, the men soon realized something horrible had happened.

All three puppies had terrible injuries to their left rear paws. One puppy's paw had been completely severed, apparently by a sharp implement. Another had the two middle digits of her left rear paw torn off, and a third had a hole piercing through her left rear paw. Our veterinarian and cruelty investigator agree this was an intentional and depraved act by a person; there is no way this was an accident. The puppies are only three weeks old.

The men who found the puppies rushed them to the Humane Society where our veterinary staff treated their wounds in addition to their dehydration and malnutrition. Even healthy puppies at this age would struggle to survive. Sadly after struggling to hold on to life for three days, one of the puppies died from the trauma.

We are looking for information that may lead to the person or people who committed this horrible act. The puppies were found on the railroad tracks where North Pearl Street passes under a railroad bridge. They were likely left there Friday evening or Saturday morning. Anyone with information should contact the Humane Society.

The two survivors have a long recovery ahead and may need orthopedic surgery. We hope you will help support their recovery by donating to the Guardian Angel Fund. You can donate online through our website or by mail with a note designating your gift to the fund.

Than you for your support and please help us find the person responsible for this heinous act. Any donations over and above the cost of the puppies' medical expenses will remain in the Guardian Angel Fund for the next special animal who needs a little extra help to live out a happy, healthy life.


UPDATE: There's been a $7,000 reward offered for the piece of trash who did this. If we can raise 300K for the "bullied bus monitor" we can raise more than $7,000 for this. Even if this guy's never arrested, I'm not worried, someday Karma will get him. One day he'll be in an alley or back way, and a pit bull will bust a chain and tear him to shreds. Nothing's more powerful than Karma.

Read/Watch More: http://www.cbs6albany.com/news/top-stories/stories/vid_2989.shtml

Brian Huba

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