Sunday, September 2, 2012

2012 NFL Predictions

The NFL is the greatest product in the world. Every season is a feel-good story en route to the Super Bowl. Knuckleheads like Mike Vick or Philip Rivers are never the last ones standing, and never will be. Two years ago, it was Rodgers emerging from #4's shadow in Green Bay to win it all. Last season, it was Eli being laughed at for calling himself elite in preseason then raising his second Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season. I think this season's story will be Peyton's. After sitting out a year with injury, watching his little brother win #2, and getting dumped for Indy for a rookie (who is going to be a legend), it's #18's turn to have a crack at his second championship. This year belongs to Peyton Manning and John Fox in Denver. Here's how I see it.


* NE Patriots: 12-4
Buffalo: 10-6
NY Jets: 9-7
Miami Dolphins 3-13


* Baltimore: 14-2
Pittsburgh: 9-7
Cleveland: 8-8
Cincinnati: 6-10


* Indianapolis: 10-6
* Tennessee: 10-6
Houston: 10-6
Jacksonville: 2-14


* San Diego: 11-5
* Denver: 10-6
KC: 8-8
Oak: 8-8

WC: Denver over Indy, San Diego over Tennessee
DIV: Denver over NE, Baltimore over San Diego
AFC CHAMP: Denver over Baltimore


* NY Giants: 11-5
* Philly: 10-6
Dallas: 9-7
Washington: 6-10


* Green Bay: 12-4
* Detroit: 11-5
Chicago: 10-6
Minnesota: 3-13


* Atlanta: 9-7
New Orleans: 9-7
Carolina: 8-8
Tampa Bay: 4-12


* St. Louis: 10-6
Seattle: 9-7
San Francisco: 9-7
Arizona: 7-9

WC: Detroit over Saint Louis, Philly over Atlanta
DIV: Detroit over NY Giants, Green Bay over Philly
NFC CHAMP: GB over Detroit

SUPER BOWL: Denver over Green Bay (MVP Peyton Manning)

Regular Season MVP: Eli Manning, NYG
Coach of the Year: Jeff Fisher, STL
Rookie of the Year: Andrew Luck, IND
Defensive Player of the Year: Jason Pierre-Paul, NYG
Coaching Firings: Marvin Lewis, CIN, Ken Whisenhunt, ARZ

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