Friday, August 31, 2012

Going Through the Motions

Hurricane Isaac aside, the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida was a complete joke. Everything about it looked and felt so old fashioned and out of touch, coming across on TV like grainy file film from the Richard Nixon Convention. Actually, it looked like the Dukakis Convention in ’88, where every Democrat there knew Mike D had no chance of winning, and thus were going through the motions. That’s what this past week was for the GOP: Going through the motions, because nobody there ACTUALLY thinks Romney/Ryan have a snowball’s chance against Obama. And they’re right: Romney & Ryan are going to get smoked in November.

The battery of speakers the GOP poured out for all of America was a silly, rather-cruel charade in the face of Mitt Romney. Was Ann Romney’s scripted sentiment nice? I guess it was, but who cares what the potential first lady reads off the prompter? Tuesday night brought out NJ Governor Chris Christie. I know we all love CC, because he’s big, and loud, and looks like Tony Soprano. I get it. I like him too. But he went 17 minutes before even mentioning Romney. In other words, he was there to kickoff his White House Run for 2016.

To me, Christie is the classic Republican, like him or not. Cut taxes, balance the budget; lay off everyone to do it. NJ has a 10% unemployment rate. That’s huge for the most densely populated state in America. To me it’s a no brainer: Keep my job or pay lower taxes. Um, I’ll keep my job, tax me if you must.

Going into the Convention, I liked Paul Ryan, for his back story and work ethic if nothing else. He speaks well on the trail, looks good, and seems like a solid #2. Plus, he’s FDR compared to the last idiot the GOP put out there on the ticket. You remember her, the Maverick, of course you do. With that said, I thought Ryan’s speech was as predictable and novice as it comes, plus it was full of lies. He came off a bit smug to me too. It wasn’t a killer moment for him, I’m sorry. The last night brought Clint Eastwood, who gave the worst speech I’ve ever seen, a rambling, nonsensical thing it was. It was kind of sad to see such a great actor/horrid speaker leading the crowd in a "go ahead, make my day" chant. Then came Marco Rubio who talked about himself for half an hour.

By the time Romney took the stage, to the catchy (I mean completely lame) chants of "Mitt, Mitt, Mitt," I actually felt bad for him. He gave a nice speech, made some points, but it’s just not going to be enough. Romney has bought his way to this point, but the bus stops here. I’m sorry, Mitt, you won’t ever be President, and the entire GOP knows it. The Convention ended with Romney leading his family and Ryan’s family in a singing of “America the Beautiful.” Oh, boy.

The GOP Convention was boring and didn't hit the mark. Bounce be damned, these guys have no chance against Obama. Starting Monday night you’re going to see a sharper, more in-touch, more exciting Convention than the borefest you just saw. Have you seen the list of speakers? Bill Clinton is going to speak. Obama is going to speak. Then when it's over, do you have any idea what Obama is going to do to Romney in the debates? You’re talking about a guy, in Obama I mean, who dethroned the Clintons then pounded John McCain. Romney can’t beat this guy, and the GOP knows it. This isn’t even going to be close come November. Truth be told, I actually like Romney’s business background. After Obama romps at the polls, I think he should hire Mitt as America’s business manager. President? Absolutely not, but CFO, yeah I like that for Mitt.

The GOP is out of touch. This country hasn’t legitimately elected a Republican since Bush Senior in ’88. Then we immediately voted him right out for a two-term Democrat. This country didn’t elect GW. He didn’t even win the popular vote. In my lifetime, I have only seen ONE one-term president. There is no way Romney is going to TKO Obama. The GOP has their eye on 2016, and that joke of a Convention this past week is all the proof I need on that point.

I like Mitt, don’t get me wrong, but all the money in the world won’t get him around Barack. The GOP isn’t behind him. And even if they were, the party is wrong on almost every major issue in America today, because this country doesn’t care about abortion, gay marriage, and this idea that we owe SOMEBODY trillions in deficit dollars. The average American can't even explain the deficit. America cares about their jobs, and their jobs, and their jobs. Obama is going to have a great second term. And trust me, cleaning up after GW isn’t a four-year job, it's more like a forty-year job. But we have the right guy in office, and he will get this country back on track. But you must remember, the whole world is in a financial funk. It's just a tough time across the globe. But America is in WAY BETTER shape than anyone else, and will continue to be so.

Before the GOP Convention: I would've bet a million dollars on Barack. After the Convention: I'd bet a billion.

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