Thursday, August 16, 2012

Capital Region's Most Famous

Every area has its list of local celebs. This is what I came up with for the Capital Region, the most important Region in the entire world.

20. Kristi Gustafson: TU Blogger "On the Edge"
19. Tom Durkin: Voice of Saratoga Raceway
18. Steve Barnes: TU Reporter/TU Blogger "Table Hopping"
17: Terry Kindlon: Albany Lawyer
16. Matt Baumgartner: Owner of Bombers, Biergarten & Wolfs 111
15. David Soares: Albany DA
14. Ray Blesser: Northeastern Fine Jewelry
13. Angelo Mazzone: Owner of Prime 677
12. Jim Miller: Former Albany PD Spokesman
11. Benita Zahn: Channel 13 News Lead Anchor/Health Reporter
10. Chris Porco: Convicted of killing his father and maiming his mother
9. Steve Caporizzo: Channel 10 Meteorologist/Animal Lover
8. Carmine Spiro: Albany Restaurant Owner/”Carmine’s Table”
7. John Gray: Channel 8 Lead News Anchor/Troy Record Contributor
6. Mary Lou Whitney: Saratoga-based Philanthropist and Socialite
5. Uncle Vito Masonetti: PYX 106.5 Deejay/"Ranger Danger"
4. William Kennedy: Pulitzer-Prize Winning Author of LEGS, IRONWEED & ROSCOE
3. Bob Kovachick: Channel 13 Meteorologist
2. Billy Fuccillo: Local (and National) Car Dealer/The “Huge” Guy
1. Gerry Jennings: Albany Mayor

Did I forget any?

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