Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How far will this fight go?

The gun fight is on, and New York is the first to pass stricter laws on assault rifles. This of course is probably a move by Gov. Cuomo to stay ahead of the Political Arms Race that has started up on this issue, as politicians across the country fight for a spot on the riding wave against guns. I don’t know much about guns, but from what I can see these “stricter” laws say the rifles you can buy legally in NY will carry smaller magazine capability. So what.

The gun lovers believe this is America’s first step towards taking ALL the guns. Really? Why? Nobody cares about your handguns and reasonable hunting rifles. What you’re seeing is a bunch of politicians using this hot-button issue to their advantage. That's it. I can’t count how many times some knucklehead has told me that Sandy Hook was staged so the government could disarm us against their attack. First of all, if you had twenty assault rifles on your wall, and the government wanted you gone, you’d be getting buried with those rifles. So you can forget that whole “what about my second amendment rights” nonsense. Civilian Militias in 2013? Don’t see a need for it.

My greatest fear is Colorado guy leading the underground charge against gun reform. Why not? Because of the obvious lack of common sense on this debate, I fear this may be the issue that prompts someone to take a shot (a JFK shot) at Obama, believing his attack on guns is akin to what Hitler did to start Nazi Germany. I’ve heard that Hitler thing a few times already. Is one of these assault-rifle-wielding nuts crazy enough to take to heart something Alex Jones says and plot against Obama because of it? Who knows?

Don’t believe there are people dumb enough to stretch this ridiculous fight that far? Take a walk through your local Wal-Mart. That’s a small sample of what this country is becoming. Now take a walk through a Wal-Mart in Kentucky. Oh, boy. I don’t think it’s outrageous to think that bullets might fly for this issue (no pun intended). Why? How's this: Our "Black President" is emboldened by the fact that he doesn’t need reelection, and he’s pitted himself against guns, and who's he to take away my Second Amendment? I could see how that logic would grab some guy who wears #24 t-shirts and whose gun rack used to hold a much better collection.

Read More: http://www.timesunion.com/local/article/Cuomo-signs-sweeping-gun-control-package-4195504.php

Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWQPZ-taYBs

Brian Huba

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