Sunday, January 27, 2013

RIP, I-Phone 4

I’ve gone from mocking guys who loved their I-Phones to being in a complete depression today after losing mine.

It’s funny how you can never remember things when it matters most. Long story short: At about 12.15AM last night, while watching SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, I went for my cell phone and realized it was gone. And I couldn’t remember when I’d had it last. How could I not remember? I called it seven, ten, twenty times, right to voice mail, which meant it was in the house somewhere and dead, in a snow bank, or in a safe somewhere. Where was my phone? Of course I didn’t download the FIND YOUR I-PHONE app, so no luck there. We tore the house apart, searched the car, drove through the neighborhood at 1AM. Nada. Nothing. We called Longfellow’s where we had dinner, Best Buy, JC Penney’s, and Hannaford, all other Saturday night stops. Nobody saw a black I-Phone 4 with black cover.

Last night I went to bed without my I-Phone on my end table for the first time in almost two years. It was like a family member was out there, somewhere alone and cold, and I didn’t know where. All night long I dreamed of that phone, and in my dream it said the phone was in the compartment between my car's front seats. When I woke up I went and looked, and BAM, it wasn’t there. So began Black Sunday without my missing black I-Phone. I already hate Sundays. This was going to be a bad one.

Because my contract isn’t eligible for an upgrade until May, Verizon Wireless told me $650.00 for a new phone, about $300.00 for refurbished. We put the word out to friends who might have old I-Phones to loan us a few months. Nothing. So in the end I went the E-Bay route. $180.00 for an I-Phone 4 in perfect condition, which means I should be back in business by mid week if this isn't a total ripoff. Until then it’s the old, dust-covered I-Pod, and of course, no phone.

The thing that bothers me most, besides the money I have to spend and the fact that I'm phoneless for several days at least, is the fact that I was dumb enough to let that phone get away. What’s wrong with me? In many ways it was like a family member, full of photos, and notes, and my bank info, and my contacts, and text messages. It’s just a total bummer to be without my phone and know that somebody out there might have my whole life in their hands. Live and learn, I guess.

I-Phone 4

Brian Huba

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