Friday, February 1, 2013

I'm Beyonce-ed Out

I don’t know about anybody else, but I'm Beyonce-ed out. From the lip-syncing fiasco at the Inauguration last week to the nonstop media surrounding her Superbowl Halftime act, I can’t hear another word. Seeing her last week in the NEW YORK POST, posing as the “sexy referee” then that press conference yesterday where she “proved” she could sing live, has corrupted the Big Game for me.

I’ll admit it: I’m not a fan of Beyonce. I like SOME of her songs, but dislike her style, the fake accent. I've never seen her give a single good live performance. I don’t understand why she’s won as many Grammy’s as Michael Jackson. I’m also not a fan of Jay-Z. So, yes, the combination is an annoying one for me. And the fact that they’ve been dubbed music royalty, and collectively made almost 100 million last year, and every year it seems, blows my mind.

For anyone who defends Beyonce’s no-show performance in Washington by saying, “Everyone lip syncs,” I must burst your bubble. Not EVERYONE does. In fact, Kelly Clarkson sang at the very same Inauguration. Guess what: No lip-syncing. Clarkson is better than Beyonce. Has been for years. “But, Brian, Beyonce’s SO hot.” Beautiful, of course, who can argue that? But I don’t see hot first. I see artificial, plastered in tons of makeup, one look-at-me outfit after the other, meant to trump up her sex appeal. She performs in four-inch heels. It’s the same way with Kim Kardashian. She’s obviously gorgeous, but the insane efforts to make her up ALL THE TIME, leave her looking non-human to me. What can I say? I’ve disliked Beyonce’s style since Destiny’s Child.

As for the Superbowl itself, is there anything more annoying than the week of media leading up? The overexposure has completely cheapened the game. Have you tried turning on sports radio this week? It’s been a nonstop parade of one football player after the other, using New Orleans to hawk his website or endorsement deal. It’s always that, I get it, but knowing that this all ends with a Beyonce performance just makes it that much more. And of course, she'll be faking it. The only thing worse: Fergie. Oh wait. That was last year.



Brian Huba

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