Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tortured puppy gets adopted

I was happy to read in today's Times Union that one of the dogs that was tortured by that piece of human garbage in Schenectady a few months back has found a new home. If you remember I wrote a blog about it in January: One torturous death deserves another. In the blog I described the torture of three dogs, two who were tortured to death and a third, the toy poodle now adopted, who survived acts so horrible I don't even want to repeat them. In the blog I called for this disgrace of a human being to get the electric chair for the abuses he carried out on these defenseless dogs. As it is, he's staring down the barrel of two years in prison. Good. But not good enough. Either way, I applaud Jim Tedisco and his role in getting Buster's Law passed. Mr. Tedisco has my vote till the end of time.

According to the TU: The puppy was badly burned in January after Thomas Hendricks II of Schenectady held her under scalding water and ripped out her fur, the man told police. Two other dogs in Hendricks' care were tortured to death. He was charged with three counts of felony aggravated animal cruelty and misdemeanor menacing, but took a plea deal March 17.

As for the toy poodle named Carmella. She has been adopted by a lovely woman named Arlene Conway from Colonie. Arlene has renamed this beautiful little dog Angel and is ready to give her a new lease on life. "She is in the care of a wonderful, loving new owner," said SPCA spokesman David Dean. "With the generous support of this pet-loving community, we are working toward ending similar incidents of abuse."

Ms. Conway, you've done a wonderful thing. I hope you enjoy your time with Angel and give her the great life she deserves. Reading this story brought a mile-wide smile to my face. Enjoy your life together, ladies, and God bless you both!

Brian Huba

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