Friday, February 18, 2011

Behind the Scenes of America Idol

Below is one person’s account of their experience trying out for American Idol in New Jersey last summer. It’s an interesting look at the underbelly of the world’s biggest show. Give it a read.

Okay first off I'd like to thank my dad for dragging me out to New Jersey. My mom for being there. My grandparents. Everyone who supported me. And Billy for giving me confidence. I did not make it but let me tell you something: that was the hardest thing I've ever had to go through in my life.

What I did on Sunday was go ALL the way to NJ and waited in a never ending line just to get a wrist band. Pushing, screaming, cameras, butting (jerks), singing, etc. All in a day in which we weren’t doing anything ^_^ Haha. In this day a camera guy came up to me and said "Are you from Jersey?" I answered no. "Oh...must be the hair" XD Hahahahaahaha!!!!!!!!

So anyways, you finally get through the herd of people (like a herd of cattle) and they put a wrist band on your wrist, also they give you seat #'s. Then you leave. Then today came. Once again we got into a never ending line which made no sense to me because no matter where you are you’re still getting in the same seat #. You sat outside, talked and what not. Then the producers had everyone go to the front of the Izod Center and do the opening of the season. 40 different takes -_-// They had us fist pump (NJ people HATE FIST PUMPING!! They say it's not Jersey, that’s Jersey Shore and most of them aren't even from Jersey. They were pissed!) They had us say stuff like "We're the next American Idol WOooooooooo!!!" Or " Welcome to NJ WHhHoooOooOoo" all that crap -_-// Then they had us file inside and get into our seats.

First, one past Idol came out and talked to us. Then they explained the rules. Then they had Ryan Seacrest come out and do the opening of the episode. (gotta hand it to him, he was really nice. Unlike most stuck up celebrities. Probably 5'4"). Then they set up black curtains (no point too, everyone can see/hear you anyway) and there was 12 different stalls. Each has 2 different Judges in them. They would call you up by sections and they would have you go to one of them. (I got the mean guy -_-//). 4 people would go into one stall at a time and each get a shot at singing. After they will either ask you to sing another song or they will just call all of you up. If you made it, you stay with your judge for about 5 mins answering questions, then you go with your yellow ticket to the winning circle. If you don’t you get your wrist band cut off and you go out the "none" winners circle. They said no one is a loser <_<">

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