Thursday, February 24, 2011

What Would Jesus Do?

I think this Catholic professor from Detroit calling out Gov. Cuomo because he lives with his girlfriend, Sandra Lee, and takes communion, is disgusting. I know that Howard Hubbard disagrees with what this professor said, and supports Cuomo’s right to accept communion, but it still makes the Catholic Church as a whole look ridiculous, out of touch, and a bit of a bully. Oh by the way this laugh-out-loud news story comes one week after Hubbard had to apologize to capital District Dioceses for the number of sexual misconduct claims that have come against church members as of late.

I am Catholic and have been confirmed in the church. I am not anti-God or an atheist or any such thing. But yes, honestly, my interactions with the church have always been a little weird. When I was in 1st and 2nd grade I went to Holy Cross catholic School in Albany. While there I was physically assaulted by a teacher and principal (I remember every detail to this day), then both teacher and principal (head nun) lied to my parents about the incident(s), wielding the power of God at $2,500 a year to quiet a young mother. Holy Cross: Worst experience of my life. Later on when I was getting confirmed through St. Jude’s I had to go to this old man’s house every Tuesday night and talk about the bible with a group of kids. Good guy, God rest his soul, but awkward, no doubt. Then we had to go on these strange retreats into the woods. So, yes, I can say that my time with religion has been a bit off center, but I don’t think my outlook on this topic is. I’m clever enough to separate the two.

This kind of attempt to embarrass our governor by a man who must’ve been motivated by someone/something is disgraceful. Not only does this attempt to slash at Cuomo’s moral makeup, it attacks anyone who has had a child out of wedlock or has decided not to accept the sacrament of marriage. I know the more religious ones will cite a book of rules that was written thousands of years ago as the guide for how we must live our lives, in the same sense that these Tea Party whackos keep talking about what our forefathers would say and do. People: it’s 2011. The world has changed. Our forefathers’ heads would explode at the sight of airplanes and flat screen TV’s. So no way should mythical figures from 250 years ago be the compass for how we conduct ourselves. Right?

My point: I don’t think an institution (or any accredited member of said institution) should attempt to humiliate a public figure with such a frivolous complaint when that institution itself admits to setting aside a percentage of its donations/profits to defend against sexual misconduct claims. What’s worse? Who’s morally correct? Our last governor was an SNL sketch. The guy before that was trafficking in prostitutes. If Andrew Cuomo wants to go to church with his girlfriend and accept communion, I say God bless you, Gov., and good for you.

The church, like everything else, is a business. It depends on membership and money to survive. I’m not suggesting that’s right or wrong, or that the church is heading for Chapter 11 anytime soon. But when a business loses its mission statement, the trouble and confusion start. I was always taught that the church and state were separate entities, that the church was a welcoming place for anyone that wanted to be a part of it, regardless of political beliefs or past discretions. I just can’t understand what is to be gained or what political victory is to be had by airing something so negative, that nobody in their right mind is going to agree with.

So I ask: What would Jesus do? Is this the type of press he would desire as the leader of a religion? I don’t mean that to be offensive or glib, I just ask, because it seems that so many Catholics can stand on a soapbox and quote Jesus, dictate these moral laws of life, which is fine. But two things 1) Does it always have to be done in such a down talking, superior way? 2) He who has not sinned, cast the first stone, right?

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  1. 1) Nobody has a "right" to communion.
    2) Sexual misconduct claims are irrelevant to this story.
    3) The book we cite is the bible.
    4) The former governors who where on SNL and frequented hookers were not taking communion.
    5) If you want to break the rules fine. Just stay out of the Catholic church. And don't claim to be Catholic. Pretty simple.
    6) If you come into my house and mess on the rug yes I will have a problem with it and call you out.

  2. Read "What would Jesus Do". February 24th, 2011

    Hypocryte Bryan.

  3. While Andrew Cuomo may have been baptised, received first communion and confirmed, he should not be called a Catholic. Besides being divorced and living with a partner outside marriage, he is a rabid supporter of abortion and same-sex "marriage". In short he is an apostate who is a scandal. He should be publicly excommunicated. As to the ad hominem attack on the terrible scandal of pedophile priests, may I point out that those convicted priests have been relieved of their faculties (their ability to say Mass, hear confession, tc.) in effect being disbarred from their Ministry. Furthermore, many of these pedophiles have admitted to being gay, a number of them being charter members of the gay group NAMBLA.