Monday, February 7, 2011

Second Annual Superbowl Roundup

The 2010.11 NFL Season is over. It was good to see Aaron Rodgers and GB bring the Lombardi Trophy back home. The game was OK, the end was pretty exciting, and that’s about it. As for everything else, X-Tina’s 11-minute National Anthem, filled with her overbearing style of singing was brought home by bellowing out the wrong lyrics. Cringeworthy! The halftime show was AWFUL!!!!! This Fergie person in Black Eyed Peas is a horrible, dreadful, ridiculous singer. Was she trying to mimic Axl Rose at one point? Ouch. It was just another nowadays performance: lots of lights and distractions but no substance and/or product. The only thing missing was a Diddy Dirty Money cameo. Of course Usher is always good, but the Black Eyed Peas: Enough already, please. As for the commercials, at 3 million per 30 seconds, nothing to get too worked up about. Here’s how I saw it.

The Good:

The McDonald’s bears shaking the family out of their parked car so they could get the golden French fries. Very funny.

The Chevy Truck playing the part of Lassie the dog, always telling its owner, through beeps and flashing headlights, about kids trapped in wells, a volcano, etc. Neat concept.

The Bridgestone Tires “Reply All” Commercial, where the guy races around to stop people from reading an embarrassing email he had hit reply all on. But in the end, his co-worker had misspoken, and it was all a waste. Who doesn’t fear that?

The Volkswagon/Darth Vador commercial, where the father remote starts the car to make his kid, dressed as DV, think he started it with Star Wars power.

Richard Lewis and Roseanne working on a log-cutting site and complaining until they got Snickers to satisfy their hunger. the monkeys parking their cars and boxing/crashing the businessman and his fancy car in.

Coca Cola: Line in the sand between the two Civil-War looking soldiers, until a tasty Cola brings them together.

Best Commercial of the Night: Chrysler 200/Eminem in Detroit talking about how Detroit is really a great city, with “Lose Yourself” playing in the background. Loved it.

The Bad:

Doritos commercial where the Pug dog rushes the backdoor because the man was tempting him with chips. Then the Pug busts right through the glass door. Been there, done that, haven’t we?

Motorola Xoom: In the future, boy gives cute girl co-worker flowers on the computer instead of in person then stares at her through the office window. It was the most depressing commercial I’ve ever seen. Talk about taking out all the romance of the approach. Sometimes futuristic technology goes too far.

The Chevy car that can give instant Facebook updates. Oh My God, enough is enough with the technology. Please. Just stop. What happened to good ol’ fashioned just driving?

Enough of the E-Trade babies! Weren’t funny a year ago, aren’t funny now.

Ozzy/Bieber/Best Buy: It wasn’t that bad. I just didn’t like it that much.

Worst Commercial of the Night: Kim Kardashian wearing Shape-Ups for Skechers sneakers. It wasn’t that bad of a commercial. I’m just left to wonder if this I’m-so-dumb Kim Kardashian thing has run its course yet. From the blatant, in-your-face scripted/staged ‘reality’ show to the nonstop Tweets to all the other nonsense that comes with making someone with no talent into a household name. I just can’t stand anymore of this Kardashian stuff. It’s no longer funny or hot or appealing. In fact, it’s getting kind of insulting.

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