Friday, April 1, 2011

It's a Snooki-Snooki World

This is a joke, right? Rutgers University invited that disgusting, reality-TV pig Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi, from MTV’s trashcan show the Jersey Shore, to speak to their students?! But that’s not all. The school gave her $32,000 for the appearance (basically somebody’s annual salary). It was a one-day stint, and it paid $2,000 more than they are giving Nobel Prize Winning Author Toni Morrison for speaking at the school’s graduation in May. You know, Toni Morrison, one of the most brilliant literary minds who ever lived. She’s Snooki’s second fiddle, fiscally. This is truly one of the saddest things I have read in a really long time.

What nugget of wisdom did Snooki have for the sold-out crowds at Rutgers? "When you're tan, you feel better about yourself." And don’t forget this little jem: “Study hard but party harder.” I see that some of U Albany’s students took that advice to heart a few weeks back on Hudson Ave. Rutgers reported that Snooki's appearance fee was paid from the student fund, which means it did not deplete university or state funding. "We're trying to provide different kinds of experiences to students," said the group's president, Ana Castillo. That can't make the fight for funding come budget time much easier.

An institution of higher education in this country thinks it would be of value to bring a pig like Snooki on campus to play role model for the student body? This is a woman who is known for alcohol abuse, fighting, exposing her private parts on TV, horrific sexual behavior, and being the standout star of the most disgusting TV show ever made, a show that glorifies all this behavior plus the power of being very, very cruel for the sake of amusement. The cast of Jersey Shore is the most bottom-barreled collection of talentless and dangerously-ignorant people pop culture has ever seen. Each and every one of them think they are so much smarter and more relevant than they actually are. Don’t believe me? YouTube The Situation’s roast of Donald Trump. When he started with the bad jokes about having models, and mansions, and piles of money, the boo birds came out hard. I rather have my face slammed in a vice than watch that again?

Why was it so bad? Why is all of JS so bad? Because, in addition to all the on-air garbage, they constantly sell us cruelty towards people (especially cruelty in regards to the way a woman looks) as funny. You know, 'She's a grenade.' Nobody except MTV and 15 year olds think that's funny, which is doubly sad. JS is built on this kind of humor. Plus, it’s scripted from start to finish. If you actually think this show is straight reality, you’re crazy. Rutgers' reaction: Book this girl!

OK, who is responsible? It has to start with MTV, which was once the best network channel on TV. MTV has totally sold its soul to the devil by pedaling this piece-of-junk show. Teenagers are engrossed by this crap, and they are emulating the behaviors of sexual irresponsibility and cruelty towards each other that is common place on JS. MTV was once a voice of the upcoming generation, the station that helped get Bill Clinton elected. Kurt Loder, Tabita Soren. Personalities that understood their role in pop culture, and used MTV to exact positive change. If MTV had a shred of morality left, they would rip JS off the air asap. But they won’t, because of one thing: $$$$$$$$. It’s really, really sad. MTV is dead to me.

Rutgers University. Why would a college of any kind ever allow someone like Snooki (in any capacity) to come onto its campus? What is the message there? Let me tell you what the perception is: Rutgers is saying to its student body, future world leaders, that Snooki’s behavior, and the message of Jersey Shore, is endorsed. That it’s OK. This is tragic on too many levels to count.

Does anyone remember when you had to actually be an esteemed, productive member of society to earn the RIGHT to speak to college kids, the future generation? No wonder nobody takes college degrees seriously anymore. If I was a parent, about to send my kid to Rutgers, and I read this, there’d be a super-fast change of plans. And if I was Toni Morrison, a woman who has spent her life redefining literature’s landscape, I’d tell Rutgers to book Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan instead of me.

"The decision is made by the students,” one Rutgers representative said. Yeah, maybe that’s the whole problem. Maybe the tail is wagging the dog way too much in this country. And if I was a parent, putting my money into that place, I’d be having hot fits right now. But hey, hey, what can I say? Another American victory for fist pumps and hair poufs everywhere. Pathetic.

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More U Albany Stuff: Heard a few more of the St. Pat’s Day rioters have been arrested and/or turned themselves in to police. So, again, I ask: When is U Albany going to suspend and/or throw these punks off campus? I think we’re getting our answer. Oh yeah, one more thing: If you’re 41 and go to U Albany, and chain yourself to a fountain to protest the loss of that stupid Fountain Day, in the wake of what happened on 3.12.11, you are a "Don't Get it" person, plain and simple. Please, U Albany students, do something smart for a change: Shut Up!!

Speaking of not getting it: I’m still on Facebook @ the Cat’s Pajamas

Brian Huba

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