Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why Not Eddie Money?

Why not Eddie Money?

Today Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings announced the musical act for this year’s 63rd annual Tulip Fest in Washington Park. The band headlining is a California act called Cold War Kids. After hearing that announcement I only had one question: Who?

What demographic is Jennings pandering to with the announcement of this act? I'm a pretty typical guy who likes many different genres of music, but this band is news to me. I can only imagine the same thing for so many others. If you’ve ever been to the fest, you know that all age groups come out for the 'fun', many of which are from the ‘Free Bird’ generation that makes up so much of Albany, it seems, old Albany at least. My dad's friends Six Pack and Big John don't know Cold War Kids, believe that. Performers from years before have been Joan Jett, the Spin Doctors, and Third Eye Blind. Bands a bit past their prime, but still good enough to bring a collection of songs all ages can sing along to. I was looking forward to the fest this year, I guess. But I’m sorry: Cold War Kids might as well be Eddie and the Cruisers, because, in my world, neither band actually exists. I need to be at least somewhat excited about seeing the musical act to fight that huge crowd, all that traffic, and long vendor lines, even if the excitement is based 100% on nostalgia. I don't get the whole thing this year. I don't know, maybe I'm getting old. Maybe the people I'm talking about are getting old. Cold War Kids? Who?

So much of the fest’s tone is built around what act is taking the main stage on Saturday afternoon. I don’t know who the Cold War Kids are, or what they sing, but I’m guessing it’s some kind of alternative rock group, since 102.7 was a part of the press conference today. Unless you have marginal musical taste, alternative rock probably means nothing to you. I have never even thought of tuning to 102.7 or 103.9 the Edge or any of those other channels. There’s nothing about the city of Albany, and so many of its blue-collar, hard-working citizens that tells me Cold War Kids is a good fit, even for a fest that Jennings says should have a 'family feel.' Of course that family part is for the birds on Saturday. It's a party, plain and simple. But Albany seems more like a classic rock, golden oldies town. Right? With that said, I ask: Why not Eddie Money?

Additionally, Jennings announced a plan to enforce the open alcohol drinking. This year they’ll be a Beer Garden, and wristbands, and no coolers with cans/bottles of beer allowed in the park. A few years ago, Jennings did the same thing with the Alive at Five concerts. Although it did work to curtail some of the alcohol-induced outrage, it also worked to destroy some of the freewheeling atmosphere that made the concerts so much fun. Jennings swears this sudden concern isn’t in reaction to those St. Pat’s Day morons on Hudson Street, but the timing certainly seems strange. Not saying that’s right or wrong, good or bad, but it is what it is. You do the math.

So to summarize this year’s Tulip Fest: There’s no open-park drinking or BYOBing, while listening to some band that 3/4ths of Albany has never heard of, and most likely ducking for cover from the Mother’s Day rain. All I’m saying is it would be a whole lot cooler (no pun intended) if Eddie Money decided to go overtime for Capital Regionites. In addition to his 2 or 3 annual Alive at Five appearances, why not an early May afternoon in Washington Park? If Jennings had announced the Money Man instead of some 102.7 ‘alt-rock’ band, I’d be saying ‘I got two tickets to paradise.’ And by tickets I’d mean police citations for drinking canned Coors Lights from a foam cooler. And by paradise I’d mean the kick-butt mosh pit that any E. Money show would surely induce. But for now we’re stuck with the Cold War Kids.

By the way, don't you dare try telling me Eddie Money isn't available that weekend. The Money Man's always available. That's what's so great about him.

Read More: http://www.timesunion.com/local/article/Cold-War-Kids-new-booze-rules-at-Tulip-Fest-1333354.php

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