Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eli!!!! Enough Said

He's a winner. ELI...ITE. Thank You San Diego for taking Rivers in a draft-day trade.

NY Giants' Eli Manning says he's 'honest' about being in the same QB class with New England Patriots' Tom Brady

"Michael Vick is the opposite Eli Manning. Vick is all flash and no substance. Eli Manning is no flash and all substance." --Colin Cowherd, ESPN

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Check out pics and video live from New England when Eli wins it:!/vinbarbershop


  1. I remember telling you Eli was the right pick on the day they drafted him...we were at the hotel bar on our way out for a night at Mohegan Sun.

  2. Eli may be producing elite qb stats (in the 4th quater) but the past couple years he has not produced for his team. He failed to make the playoffs last year and the Giants are in a tough spot this year regarding playoffs. In my opinion Eli's stats are "alright" for an average QB. But he fails to win. I would rather have Tim Tebow as my QB at least he knows how to win. Giants are trash