Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tom Coughlin Gets Extension

The NFL's #1 Coach and the Greatest Head Coach in NY Giants' History earned a well-deserved contract extension today: 3 yrs @ 20 million total (7 million a year).

I remember a Christmas Eve game against the New Orleans Saints at the end of '06, a cold December day when the Giants were getting pummeled to a pulp. Halfway through the 4th Qtr., a chant swelled through the stadium, "Fire Coughlin! Fire Coughlin!" A few minutes later, those words rose to a deafening roar. It seemed like all 80,000 onlookers were calling for TC's dismissal. Everybody except a goofy-looking guy in the nose-bleed seats who was screaming, "Don't you fools get it?! Don't you see what we have in this guy?! Don't you realize he's going to win championships?!" That goofy guy was me, and I remember a NJ Meathead behind me said, "Sit down and shut up. We need Sean Peyton, not that old bag Coughlin." Then he and his friends beat me pretty severely, pounding violent blows upon me for what seemed like hours. But, five years later, I've recovered and Coughlin is a two-time champion, while Sean Peyton is a disgrace, sitting on a one-year suspension. Ah, time.

This past January, I was at Met Life the night the Giants beat the Dallas Cowboys, and punched their playoff ticket, and ultimately their second SB Championship against the Patriots. It was a cold night, sleet, freezing rain, a nervous stadium, NBC cameras, national TV audience. I just kept saying the same thing: "No analysis needed. We HAVE to HAVE this game." And we got it, and we never lost again. Anyway, I saw God that night. I saw him on a 100-foot jumbotron outside of Met Life Stadium. I saw him at a media podium, victorious and wearing a NFC EAST Championship hat, as 80,000 happy fans moved down escalators and stairwells, all eyes on the screen as the sleet came and the temperature fell. It was closing in on midnight. The stink from the swamp rose up on all sides. I saw God that night, reigning high above that mob of football fans. I saw God and His name was Thomas Richard Coughlin.

It has never been a better time to be a NY Giants fan. This is the Golden Age. We'll be telling our grand kids Coughlin/Eli stories. And now I never have to hear some idiot say "Fire Coughlin" ever again.

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Only one thing still bothers me: 3 years @ 20 million total (7 million a year). Tom deserves 8 Million a year! Hell, he deserves 10!

Brian Huba

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