Friday, July 13, 2012

My Hat's Off to Holmes

I have to give Katie Holmes some serious credit on the heels of her shocking divorce from mega-star Tom Cruise. I cannot imagine a harder thing for a 33-year-old woman and her young child to do than file for divorce and get away from a guy like Cruise, when, guess what, Cruise doesn’t want to break up. She didn’t just file successfully, move her and her daughter into an apartment building successfully, cut ties with everyone loyal to TC successfully, she KO’d one of the most powerful men in the world, and it wasn’t even a fight. Wow, I have to hand it to her. The plan was brilliant, the timing was perfection, and the execution was masterful. In one lightning-fast swoop she ended the Tom Cruise era in her life.

Remember on THE SOPRANOS when Carmella wanted to divorce Tony, but Tony was too powerful and influential to just get rid of? Multiply that same thing by about a million, and you almost have half of Cruise’s influence. Not only is he the greatest movie star who has ever lived (if he spits on a movie script it makes 200 million), with unlimited resources and an endless entourage, he is also a God-like figure in some creepy and mysterious church of Scientology, with many, many seemingly-mindless and/or confused followers. Who knows what they would be willing to do for him, against Katie, against Suri. It takes real guts to battle that guy. In many ways, Katie’s split from Cruise was like breaking out of Alcatraz. And she did it. Oh yeah, and she scored a reported 50 million for doing it. 5’9”, 113lbs AKA Joey with the ridiculously-advanced vocabulary from DAWSON’S CREEK just took down Goliath. And he never saw it coming. How is that even possible?

I don’t know if she was "hired" to be Cruise’s wife. I don’t know if there were "auditions" through the Church of Scientology to select Tom’s perfect leading lady. I don’t even know if she rejected Scientology and thus wanted her and her daughter away from it. I don’t know anything. But I predict that the blank-faced Holmes we’ve seen the last few years is a thing of the past. I really think there might be more to this gangly girl than we’ve yet recognized. I even predict an Oscar in Holmes’s future. Why not? This girl's got something. And ask Kidman about post-TC Oscars. As for Holmes, you're talking about the little girl who dreamed of one day marrying the biggest movie star ever. And she actually did it, married him, had a kid with him. Then she dumped him, took the kid and made 50 mil. And in the process made herself 1,000 times more famous than she ever would've been. TKO. First round.

Only one question remains: Back to Chris Kline?

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