Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Pop Culture 180

I celebrate my 200th Post by putting my big foot in my even-bigger mouth.

I have always thought it was important to remain consistent in your opinions, thick or thin, good times or bad. For instance, I have always said to anyone that would listen that Tom Coughlin/Eli Manning is the greatest coach/QB tandem in NY Giants History:

http://brianhuba.blogspot.com/2010_10_01_archive.html OR

http://brianhuba.blogspot.com/2010/10/since-i-been-gone.html OR

http://brianhuba.blogspot.com/2012/01/top-ny-giants-playoff-moments.html OR


I think I have been proven right on that one.

I also said that the horrors that occurred at Penn State are/is 100% the fault of the school itself (and Sandusky’s, of course). This is what happens when you allow an 85-yr-old man to "play" the part of head football coach. When a man is too old to remember his middle name from senility, he’s too old to run a major college football program: http://brianhuba.blogspot.com/2011/11/believe-me-we-get-it.html

And I will NEVER back down on my stance about that bullied bus monitor. All we learned from that You Tube video is that that woman should not be working with kids. I feel no sympathy for her and I don’t agree with the way she profited from this incident, and I think she should be fired for talking to the media about school issues and those children: http://brianhuba.blogspot.com/2012/06/bullied-bus-monitor-enough-already.html

I still believe Barack Obama is one of our greatest Presidents ever. And yes, I still believe he's going to CRUSH Romney in November.


OR http://brianhuba.blogspot.com/2012/02/little-love-for-obama.html

And yes, I still think tats are silly.


But there are a few issues that I must admit I was wrong about. You can call the following my pop culture 180. Here they are

1. Jennifer Aniston is Awful: http://brianhuba.blogspot.com/2010/04/jennifer-aniston-is-awful.html

My opinion of Aniston has actually changed dramatically in the last year. I have seen many movies where she has played the lead, and liked them. She almost made Sandler’s JUST GO WITH IT watchable, almost, and that was truly one of the worst movies ever. Her work in FRIENDS as Rachel Green is top notch. I guess I forgot how good it was until I started watching the reruns on Nick @ Nite. FRIENDS is on N@N? Wow, I'm old. What can I say? I’m a converted Aniston fan. I hope her lifelong quest for romantic bliss works out.

2. Dave Matthews Band: Greatest Ever?: http://brianhuba.blogspot.com/2010/01/dave-matthews-band-greatest-ever.html

Wow, what was I thinking? Don’t get me wrong, I still love DMB, and still believe CRASH is one of the best albums ever, but I think I have officially outgrown my DMB days. I wouldn’t be caught dead at a DMB show now, unless it was fifth row MSG, maybe not even then. When Dave came to town this summer I wanted no part of it, didn’t even have a second thought, just nope, that’s it. In fact, I was more intrigued by the Phish show this summer than DMB. Wow, what a 180 on my part. I’m just done with all the carrying on, I really am. I can’t fake it any longer, pretend all the work and all the nonsense involved with a DMB-SPAC show is worth it. I’ve been to twelve total Dave concerts. It’s enough. Plus, I saw Paul McCartney last summer. There’s really no other concert I want to see after that. As I’m writing this, a friend from work/DMB diehard has emailed me some songs off the new album. I love this guy I work with, but I don’t think I care about the Dave songs. I may be back on here in three months, telling you this DMB album is great, maybe, but mark my words: I’m done with DMB at SPAC. Unless you’re talking the Stones, the Boss, McCartney again, Elvis back from the dead, Petty, or GNR reunion, I’m not interested.

3. And finally, my LeBron hating: http://brianhuba.blogspot.com/2010/10/things-that-make-me-go-hmmmm.html

OR http://brianhuba.blogspot.com/2011/06/lebron-mob.html

About halfway through the most-recent NBA season I came to a sad realization, sad because I’m a Kobe guy: It’s LeBron’s world now. When the NBA playoffs started, I was a full-blown LBJ supporter. I predicated Miami would win the championship, losing game 1 of the NBA Finals then sweeping the next four and taking the trophy. I was EXACTLY right, and have the texts to prove it. However I thought that same sequence would happen against Kobe’s Lakers, and was saddened when it didn’t. I predict that matchup is coming this year. I also predicted LeBron would finally deliver an MVP Performance, and I recognized the LeBron hating was ridiculous. He’s a Champion and is going to be one many times over before it’s all said and done. It's his destiny, it's always been. He’s frustrating off the court, no doubt. But he's also the best player in the world, maybe in the end, the best ever. But we’ll have to see about that.

And, OF COURSE, I have pulled a complete 180 with my opinion on the I-Phone

Before: http://brianhuba.blogspot.com/2011/01/i-phone-people.html

Now: I am I-Phone Guy.

200 in the book!

Brian Huba

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