Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where's Jack Ruby When You Need Him

I already think this Holmes kid, with the orange hair, who hosed that cinema in Colorado, killing 12 and injuring 60, has gotten off too easy. The horribly-random way that he ended 12 lives that he had no direct affiliation with is an act the devil himself would throw red flags up at. I can’t believe someone who'd rub out the lives of so many people, for no reason, is allowed to walk the Earth, albeit walking it in shackles. I think it's time for this kid to have himself a jailhouse accident.

“But, Brian, everybody deserves their day in court. Innocent till proven guilty.” Not this time. He's 100% guilty. Don't care why he did it either. Back story doesn't matter for someone capable of walking into a random theatre and opening fire on teenagers. In the same way you can’t yell FIRE in a crowded theatre, you certainly can’t start shooting. And the sickest part: He had NO motive as far as who he wanted to hit. This was 100% random. He just aimed and fired away. It could’ve been you. It could’ve been me. Imagine your life ending like that. Imagine it! Now what happens? CNN and MSNBC turn this kid into Davy Jones with a dark side, the face of some new, confused America. He’s gonna become a celebrity from this thing, that’s what these networks do. Girls will be writing him love letters as he sits on Death Row for the next 30 years, doing behind-bars interviews, same way as Scott Peterson did.

I don’t want to hear the Gun Lovers coming out with their crap about people killing people, not guns. It’s an absurd argument, and anyone who believes any Joe, Jack, or John should be able to carry semi-automatic weapons is out of their mind. “But, Brian, it says ‘right to bear arms’ in the Constitution.” Yeah, it does, but if you read it carefully you’ll see the wording was directed, in spirit, at Citizen Militia groups, not 20 year olds with orange hair. And, by the way, can we stop giving such total credence to a document written almost 300 years ago? If John Hancock saw East LA right now, his wigged head would explode. Let’s not base EVERYTHING on what a forefather wrote. It's called evolving, people. If guns don't kill people, why do inner cities host gun buybacks several times a year all over America?

I don’t want to hear ANY debate involving this kid. Is Hollywood to blame? Is this to blame? Is that to blame? Holmes is to blame. Period. These poor families have to endure this crosstalk debate on every channel for the next year? While young girls say, “He’s kind of hot,” and some lawyer hits the media to explain why this kid is innocent, because he was abused as a child or beat up in high school. Last I heard, the DA was 'consulting' with the families about whether to pursue the Death Penalty. Consulting?! Nope! Nope! Nope! I say it’s time for someone to end the big debate today.

Brian Huba

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