Sunday, December 18, 2011

Defamation and Gandolfini's Autograph

Did anybody read how former Chicago Bull sidekick, Scottie Pippen, is suing media outlets, as reports surfaced that he was teetering on bankruptcy? He is suing because, he says, such reports are defamation, because he claims he is actually worth 40 million dollars (net worth). Instead of denying these reports and/or laughing them off, Pippen is going to make a federal case out of it, literally. Get real, Scottie, have some perspective. Maybe the light of common sense couldn’t hit you way back there in MJ’s shadow, but you’re a millionaire, who has had a blessed life, doing what you loved (basketball) with the greatest who ever did it. You are the most overrated baller in NBA history, and have 6 Championship Rings plus 40 million to prove it. On top of that Kobe is getting divorced. What is the world coming to?

I was on E Bay when I saw the saddest thing ever: A framed photo of Tony Soprano in character, (here comes the sad part) autographed by James Gandolfini. Oh my God, is anything worse? It was going for something small like $80 bucks. My point: As much as I love THE SOPRANOS, I don't care about James Gandolfini, I only care about Tony. To me JG is Tony. Nobody sees Gandolfini on the street and says, ‘There’s that guy from the Robert Redford prison movie.’ In fact, JG wouldn't even say that. I know someone who went to college at Oneonta when Gandolfini's daughter (I think it was his daughter) was at Hartwick, 7-8 years ago. The guy I know said Gandolfini was up there all the time with his SOPRANOS cast mates, cigars and fancy suits, then he bankrolled a strip club up there. Translation: Gandolfini's even trying to be Tony off screen. Trust me, I get it. I can’t think of anything worse than meeting James Gandolfini in real life, having to face the fact that Tony is just a part he played. What a bummer.

Brian Huba

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