Sunday, December 11, 2011

God vs. the Devil?

From now until the big day, we will have Christmas music playing 24/7 through the house. Besides the standards, there are some Xmas songs that I like (Mariah’s song and a few by Celine Dion) and some that are really annoying (‘Rudy the red-nosed reindeer’ and the Boss’s SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN), but I think we can all agree the greatest Xmas song ever is Lennon’s HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

Not only has Lennon headed the greatest music group ever (The Beatles), written the greatest song ever (IMAGINE), and the greatest protest song ever (GIVE PEACE A CHANCE), but he has authored the greatest holiday song too. John Lennon is really the most important musician who has ever lived. One of the most important people.

Sometimes I wonder if God is real, and if he did ever send his son Jesus back to earth, the same way the bible says, could Jesus/the son of God have been John Lennon? Instead of being 'bigger' than 'Jay-sis,' like he once claimed about the Beatles, maybe Lennon himself was, well . . . Before you think of me as one of these guys who has Lennon posters hanging all over the place, and parrots his peace-and-love quotes to everyone, understand that I am not. In fact I’d probably call myself more of a Stones guy than a Beatles guy, and I actually like McCartney’s stuff better than Lennon’s, but I recognize that John Lennon is what he is, see above for that. And it is a fact that Lennon pretty much levitated above the rest of humanity while he was on earth, everything he touched turned to solid gold. Then one day, in NYC, 1980, some slime ball crawls out of the gutter, and assassinates Lennon for pretty much no reason, killing a man who preached peace and love, and was seemingly touched by the hand of God in everything he did.

After Chapman killed Lennon, he sat down right then and there, outside the Dakota, started reading CATCHER IN THE RYE, almost like he was content to be arrested, as he had succeeded in doing the Devil’s work. In fact, Chapman said to police, after the killing, that he was in some small way the Devil. So if God, and the Devil, and all that stuff’s real, was the death of Lennon a round in the eternal battle of God vs. the Devil? Good vs. Evil? And if it was, the Devil won that round, using a meaningless loser to destroy maybe the greatest human on earth at the time, the most influential even, and certainly the most important figure in all of music history, and what impacts more people on a total scale than music? What cuts through race, creed, country, and language more than music?

If you were God and wanted to employ an outlet to spread your message, wouldn’t it be a singer that touches the entire world? I mean if you think about it, why did this Chapman creep, who never did a thing for anybody, and seemingly had no other reason to live, kill Lennon, a man who has literally touched every person who has ever lived? Why? Just to do it? Just to say he did it? It’s scary if you think about the fact that someone so powerful, and important, and impactful on a universal level could be ended by a complete nobody, who just rots in a jail cell now, his meaningless life interrupted only by one of the world's saddest and most meaningless assassinations. Yes, it's scary if you think about it.

I know a guy who once went fishing with Lennon in '79, well, tried to go. All John wanted to do was relax, cast a few lines, but the media was following their boat, messing up the whole quiet idea. The guy said Lennon was real laid back, a nice guy, but he was what he was. So Lennon apologized, excused himself, and the fishing trip went on without him. The sad side of being a universal icon, I suppose. Too bad. If John had caught something small, maybe he could have transformed the fish into a meal for forty men. Maybe.

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  1. i see that your work is very open and opinionated. But to say that God isn't real or comparing him to other people is wrong. you can't quote the bible and thne compare it to other things. CHRISTmas is meant to have CHRIST in it because well if it wasnt for CHRIST there wouldn't be CHRISTmas. so your putting the X there instead of Chirst your crossing CHrist out of Chrismas