Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Inside secret(s) to a really bad blog

You might’ve read my last blog about James Gandolfini’s autograph and Scottie Pippen suing over the tabloid claims that he was teetering on bankruptcy, and thought: This is the stupidest blog I have ever read. Perhaps you thought: What do Tony Soprano and Scottie Pippen have to do with each other? The answer to the former: It was, on the surface, a terrible blog, and to the second question: Tony and Scottie have nothing to do with each other. So here’s the inside story of that seemingly awful waste of blogosphere.

A few weeks ago somebody said to me that I wasn’t good enough to write a blog about oh . . . let’s see Tony Soprano and, umm . . . Scottie Pippen, in the same blog, this person said I wasn’t ‘bloggy enough’ to do that. Not bloggy enough? Me? Oh it’s so on, I thought. I had to prove that person wrong. In an attempt to produce a blog about Tony Soprano and Scottie Pippen, a single blog that somehow cleverly captured both, I rewatched every episode of the SOPRANOS to fully understand the character, then did hours of media research on Pippen, the former NBA baller. In the end I decided to invent the story about being on E Bay and seeing the autographed Gandolfini, I actually overheard someone else say that, and stole it. Then I combed through A.P. stories until I found the perfect one about Pippen, and bam-o, suing over being bankrupt. Yes! And there you have it, people, the inside secret(s) of how I created a blog about James Gandolfini’s autograph and Scottie Pippen’s financial woes, and made it work. Sweet victory!

For that hater who said, several weeks ago, that I couldn’t do it, write a blog about Scottie Pippen and Tony Soprano, that I wasn’t ‘bloggy enough,’ well, how you like me now? I was obviously bloggy enough, so BOOM, respect, in your face.

Author’s Note: None of the abovementioned ever happened.

Brian Huba


  1. What's the true definition of a blog?
    Aren't there supposed to be comments on a regular basis?
    A blog with little or no comments is what? Someone's diary?

  2. I don't think "really good" blogs are left on autopilot either.

    I've yet to see you ever respond to or follow up any comments, ever.