Monday, January 17, 2011

10 Things Historically Overrated

Here’s a list of 10 things that I feel are historically overrated, overexposed, or simply blown out of proportion.

10. Animal House: It’s not funny. John Belushi is not funny. I can name 100 comedies better, yet this bland flick is considered an iconic, American classic. I don’t get it.

9. Steak Dinners: Why do people always make such a big deal about going out for steak dinners? Why are they always so expensive? To me, steak is steak, regardless of the restaurant or kind of cut. I don’t know. To me it’s just more sizzle than substance. Then everybody complains if it's overcooked or too rare. It's madness. Anybody can make basically the same thing at home.

8. Niagara Falls: Do people really take full weekends to drive almost to Canada to look at waterfalls? Albeit, grandiose waterfalls, but a whole weekend devoted. Really? It just seems a little too ordinary and kind of boring for me.

7. Renting Limos: I don't know what to really say for this one. Whenever someone is going to rent a limo for something and I have to contribute $$$, I get pretty irritated. Limos aren't really that exciting, I'm sorry. When you're younger, OK, but beyond that, nah.

6. Firework Displays: Why do people gather like lemmings to witness these displays? Nothing sounds worse than packing into some area and watching fireworks illuminate the night sky as everyone says “oohhhh” and “aaahhhhh.”

5. Frank Sinatra: Can you believe that some people consider Ol Blue Eyes to be the greatest singer and/or entertainer ever? What are these people thinking? Sinatra shows are/were beyond boring. He just walks around the stage talking his way through lounge-sounding songs. Of course I like some of his tunes, but overall he’s not even in the conversation as one of the greatest ever. He can’t touch Lennon, couldn’t even hold Elvis’s PB&Banana sandwich, and Michael Jackson would moonwalk him right off the stage. Same rule holds true for Tony Bennett. He’s a total bore too.

4. A Christmas Story: This movie is not good. Why does it get played every year on 24-hr marathon? “You’ll shoot your eye out.” Every time I see this thing on TV, I wish I did. Best X-Mas movies: Christmas Vacation, Scrooged, Bad Santa.

3. Italian Cookies: Why does everyone bring these treats to every party and/or gathering? Nobody likes Italian cookies. They are just crumbly and tasteless, and always end up getting thrown out by the dozen. Every time I see someone show up with that same, white Bella Napoli bag, I just want to say, “Just bring peanut butter cookies or chocolate chips.”

2. Parades: Don't get them. Never have, never will. God bless you if you love 'em. I just can't wrap my mind around the concept. Sorry.

1. George Washington: Man oh man, this guy has to be the most blown-out-of-proportion figure in history. If you really stop to think about it, really push all the nonsense and distractions out of the way, what did GW really ever do? He was at Saratoga at some point, because he’s in all those painted pictures on the boat, I guess. He became President, he had wooden teeth. He’s the father of our country, OK. There’s not even proof that he even lived if you really think about it. I may be way off on this one, but I feel like GW was always painted into the right places in history vs. actually being an active contributor. He’s just always around the action, like a Revolutionary War mascot or something. Washington is shoved down every kid’s throat from the time they can talk. When the truth is he may have never done an actual, substantive thing at all.

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Brian Huba


  1. I totally agree. Renting limos is gayy.

  2. Because you know nothing about your own country, your own history, you believe George Washington to simply be an overblown myth.
    Brian, you are so incredibly stupid and mis-educated that I doubt you will ever attain a competent level of critical thinking.

  3. I agree about the Italian cookies...overrated and not good. Also, limos don't make an event cooler or more fun.

  4. George Washington was great. He could have chosen to be king...instead he set the precedent of not being ruler for life. I doubt many so-called great men would do that if given the same choice.
    Frank Sinatra had actual talent. The fact you think john lennon was better beautifully illustrates that you are a moron. john lennon was a boy band member whose talent was being in the right place at the right time.

  5. Mat is right about Washington. The Revolutionary War is usually the big thing he's remembered for, but the biggest thing I think he ever did was walk away from the Presidency after 2 terms. That set the precedent for peaceful transfer of power in the new country, which was unheard of previously and it made what the new experimental country stood for more real and tangible. As bad as things got with the 2000 election, armed force didn't really enter the equation in large part due to the American mindset which started with George Washington.

  6. Caviar is another one i don"t simply doesnt taste good,but i guess it makes people feel important to be seen eating it..Plus the process of extracting it it barbarically inhumane..

  7. Err Cincinatus, just in case you think George Washington did it first; google Cincinatus. John, totally agree with you.

  8. I think MJ was great, but also overrated