Monday, January 10, 2011

Over the Weekend

Great dinner with friends at the Brown Derby in Downtown Albany on Saturday night, then back to the house for Saturday Night Live. We talked over many current events, and some things that hadn’t even happened yet.

Saturday Night Live: Jim Carrey was the host. He is, of course, an amazing talent. But I just never got laughing out loud at anything he did on screen. Brilliant, yes. Crazy, of course. Scripted, are you kidding me? Anything but. However, none of the sketches were really that funny, except the tantric skit with Kenan Thompson. That was hilarious. Other than that, just a lot of Jim Carrey jumping around and acting wacky. By the way, the musical act was a band called the Black Keys, who were pretty good. But, why the heck would they call themselves the Black Keys, when there’s already a band called the Black Eyed Peas? Why would anyone do that? And of all bands, come on, guys, the Black Eyed Peas haven’t turned down a performance in five years, they are SO overexposed. I think they just played the opening of a Firestone in Allentown. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Overall, SNL has been pretty lousy this season, which stinks, because I thought it was great last season. Too bad.

The Homeless Guy with the Golden Voice: I’m kind of tired and annoyed with this story. Obviously I love second chances and fresh starts for people, but everyone is going crazy about this homeless guy, who’s considered radio’s answer to Susan Boyle. If you don’t know the story: Man was begging money/food on the side of the road, advertising via cardboard sign that he had a Golden Voice. Someone gave him a dollar to do his thing and the rest is history. Now he’s cleaned up, shaved, new clothes, working for the Cleveland Cavaliers, going on Oprah, and everyone feels great for the guy. But there’s a back story, of course. A rap sheet five miles long, with robbery, theft, failure to pay child support for 7-9 children, possible involvement in prostitution charges. It’s OK to feel good about this, but consider why he’s been homeless and out of work for years and years with a voice that’s God-gifted. And, by the way, his radio voice is kind of cliché, sort of how you would sound when mocking a radio DJ.

The NFL Playoffs: Great win by the Jets! Of all the things that caught my attention this weekend Michael Vick and Philly were at the top of that list. If you don’t know, they lost yesterday to the GB Packers at home, on a last-second INT by Vick in the end zone. So, after all the hoopla about Vick this season, how he was an MVP in making, and how deep he was going to take the Eagles into the playoffs, and is this the year that Philly finally wins the BIG ONE, the Eagles are one and done. And the word I heard all night after the game when summing up Vick's on-field play was “confused.” Why does it surprise anybody that a man who murdered dogs with his bare hands for no reason isn’t the smartest guy going? That surprises people? Did anyone out there actually think this guy was going to win a big game? News flash: He’s not a winner. He’s a flash in the pan. I’m not even worried about his K9 crime per say, because I know, I know: He did his time, yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m talking about the psychology of a man who murders dogs while sitting on a $125 million-dollar contract. In other words: He did it just to do it. That guy isn’t a leader of men, and he’s not taking any NFL team to the promise land. I was disgusted that Kobe was donning a #7 Vick jersey yesterday. Why, Kobe, why?

Obama Postpones Visit: All you Obama watchers, relax for a while, the First Man isn’t coming to the Capital Region this week, so forget about him having lunch at Five Guys or whatever other rumors were rolling out there. I just hope he didn’t delay his visit after reading my OBAMA FAMILY VACATION blog last week.

How I Met Your Mother: Tonight, CBS, 8PM. Watch it!

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